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    Any competitive bodybuilders out there? Just wanted to get some conversation going!

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    I'm not a competitor but I had a keen interest in bodybuilding for a number of years before switching to strongman/oly lifting.

    I've known a few guys who got into tip-top shape for their contests on a primal/paleo style diet although I can't say I know many who used one in their offseason.


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      Alex, did the people you know start managing their macro-nutrients or just keep going by feel everyday? I've been eating like this before I found this site just interested on applying this to take it to the next level.


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        I did a natty show June 2009. Since then I've trained the same, but haven't counted my macros. I've done PB diet, BB diet, strongman/GOMAD diet. Right now I'm planning to just do PB diet and train hard, but at times I miss the competitive BB scene.

        Originally posted by waugie14 View Post
        Any competitive bodybuilders out there? Just wanted to get some conversation going!


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          I miss it to man, definitely ready to get back up there. I do contest prep for people and it's been killing me watching them up there and being backstage. Just not sure how to go about this myself. I haven't done any cardio or counted macros and its been great, so not sure what to do lol.


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            Waugie, these were fairly precise guys nutrition-wise - so yes they counted stuff!

            However they did have something of an aversion to higher fat intakes especially saturated fat - which I think is key to success on a paleo/primal diet. I would say they also over-consumed protein therefore never truly becoming a fat burning engine.

            There is a criticism of higher fat diets in that competitors end up looking a bit 'stringy' on stage after their diets, I think this is mostly because guys use a high fat diet just for contest prep - which as I'm sure you know, is hardly the time - what with extra training, reduced calories and so forth - to try and get the body to adapt to a whole different style of eating. So they probably never truly adapt to the diet and end up losing some muscle through gluceogenesis.

            They'd probably have more success condition-wise if they used the diet throughout the year (and were therefore quite adapted to it).

            I know Gironda and the old-time bbers loved their high fat diets: beef, cream, eggs with hardly any starch (although Gironda did recommend a carb meal every 3rd/4th day to restore liver glycogen - this could be achieved with fruit/sweet potatoes so still fairly paleo). They tended to be ripped to shreds as well.


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              Definitely makes sense! The only problem I have with counting my macros is I have stomach problems since having my gallbladder out 2yrs ago which led me to this style of eating. So really going by how I feel everyday has been successful, also I'm a contractor so some days I feel i need more, some days I dont. I've kinda tried tracking my intake before and just couldnt keep up to it like I used to and actually made me look worse.

              I think my plan may still be going by how I feel but adding in some HIIT to start off, having a carb refeed when i feel i need it.


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                Totally agree with the 'by feel' thing - exactly as you say, no two days are alike expenditure-wise, your body will always let you know the answer if you listen to it!

                Best of luck mate. I think key for you will be the refeeds especially if you're going to do a bunch of higher intensity cardio!


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                  Thanks for the support man, If I like the way my preps going I'll definitely log it on here, 16 weeks out tomorrow. My names Chaz Waugaman if ya wanna hit me up on facebook.


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                    I'm not on Facebook, but again, very best of luck with the prep!


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                      Question. You guys that still bodybuild and stick to some semblence of the PB diet, you're doing a lot more lifting than the LHT prescription, right?

                      I look up the LHT of Squats, Deadlifts, Bench/Military 5x5 3x weekly, and I cannot bring myself to believe I could stay big only doing those lifts 3x week.

                      I'm currently on a 5 day/wk program. 1 day each of Chest, Back, Arms, Shoulders/Traps, and Legs (with 2 ab workouts sprinkled in). I try to seperate the Back and Arms days by at least 3 days (to avoid bicep exhaustion). I have 4 workouts for each that cycle every week.

                      For those workout days I usually do a few sets at heavy weight/low rep (3-5 reps), then another 2-3 lifts for each muscle group, usually in the 8-12 rep range, occasionally supersetting some of them, and above all emphasizing form over weight.

                      This is WAY, WAY more lifting than the PB lifting programs call for. Wanted to check and make sure the bodybuilders here are doing similar.