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Needing Carbs to become satiated?

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  • Needing Carbs to become satiated?

    So, I play basketball, and due to my practices and games, I've found myself running quite a lot. Some sprints, but also a fair amount of more moderate paced cardio.

    Whenever I have a lot of running on one day, I've found that the next day I'm absolutely ravenous. I can eat 4 eggs + half a zuchinni for breakfast, and be hungry enough for another entire meal within the hour. The only thing that that actually keeps me full for a normal length of time is to have some starchy carbs, like potatoes.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is there some reason for it?

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    I think this relates to gary taubes agument about not working out. & how you can actually gain weight when you over do it.
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      Hawkeye - you sound like my 17-yo DS. One night,he ate 6 hamburger patties (not sure if he had buns with all those, but i doubt it). He was still hungry.

      He, too, is very active. And I'm glad he is!


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        Yes, I experience this every day..... No matter how much fat and protein I have, without some starchy carbs, I am never satisifed... I have added some yams and potatoes and its made all the difference in the world.. I add a lot of butter to further slow down the sugar response.... A diet without carbs is not realistic for an athlete like yourself... You will have to add some starch to feel good and full!!


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          I'm pretty athletic (Muay Thai and kettlebells 8-9 hours/week) and I ignore the whole "no starchy veg" thing. For breakfast, I have three eggs, veg sauteed with some chopped up bacon, and half (ok, sometimes the whole thing if I don't want to share with my husband!)a sweet potato with a tsp coconut butter. I eat that at 9ish, and then don't feel the need to eat again until 2 or 3. Chairdr mentioned gaining weight, but I've lost twelve pounds in the last eight weeks, eating my daily sweet potato (and regular winter squash for dinner).


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            Originally posted by frances View Post
            I'm pretty athletic ...[snip]... but I've lost twelve pounds in the last eight weeks, eating my daily sweet potato (and regular winter squash for dinner).
            If you don't mind my asking, do you have more fat you want to lose? If so, how much? How long have you been eating primally?


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              It is possible you need to increase your carb intake on heavy workout days. I read somewhere that for an avg exerciser you needed 0.8g carbs per lb. of lean body mass, that # increases depending on your activity level up to 2g carbs per lb. of lean body mass. Maybe track your diet for a few days and see if you need to adjust.
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                You may not simply be eating enough. 4 eggs and half a zuchinni is not an overly large meal. Last time I had four eggs for breakfast they were accompanied by some bacon. Just try eating a bigger meal.

                Also, you may not be getting enough fat. If you are doing lots of exercise you may need more fat and may have to add something fatty to your eggs or hamburger mince.
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