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    I think a key point, as far as my understanding takes me, should be made here. Play should have nothing to do with mindset. I completely enjoy myself when lifting weights. I enjoy the act of lifting the weights not only the benefits. That does not make it play instead of lifting heavy things. Look at the activity not your mindset.

    Adamm I study Shotokan too, and I completely agree with your assessment of the Kata being more similiar to sprints (except when you are learning a new one :P). The grappling could be like sprinting I suppose, but my experience in Judo tells me otherwise. Whether it be full rondori (Judo sparring) or simply just ground work/throw practice I feel it is more in line with lifting heavy things because it is more alike to resistance training. It does trigger the same amount of exhaustion and adrenaline as sprinting though.


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      If you take BJJ it's about technique, not strength. That'd be play with some decent conditioning. Admittedly you do need some strength, but it's not a striking sport so there's not the same feeling of explosiveness as I'd imagine is in Muay Thai or another striking sport.

      Also once it's hot in the mat room, you've warmed up, etc, your hips will feel great and loose and mobile. Maybe a good thing to do before/after your squat day?