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Anyone try Recoverite or use Glutamine Supps?

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  • Anyone try Recoverite or use Glutamine Supps?

    I've recently started doing 2-a-day workouts in my unit, where we do a run in the morning, and Crossfit or heavy lift in the afternoon. Already, after just a week and a half, I'm pretty sore. I can't stop training, but a buddy of mine recommended Recoverite, made by Hammer Nutrition, for post-workout recovery. On the outset, this seems like the "magic pill" response that I've come to be skeptical of, and looking on the website, it has a high amount of carbs per serving (32g, though only 4 from sugar). It touts that it has glutamine in it.

    Has anyone tried this suppliment before? Is it worth my while? My buddy (who's opinion I trust) SWEARS by it. Is it better if I just take glutamine capsules to save myself the carbs?

    Any thoughts welcome. Thanks!


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    i've used Recoverite in the past. I liked the taste of it (& most hammer products b/c they're not too sweet). I don't use any of that kind of stuff any more tho b/c i'm not doing any hard workouts.

    at most general nutrition type stores or bike shops or whatever, you might be able to find a "sample" serving size so you don't have to buy a big ole jug of it just to test.


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      Hey Adam for two aday workouts a higher amount of carbs (glucose) post-workout is what you want (and why that product has so many). Your muscles need to replenish their glycogen and you need ample feeding. If you were someone just trying to lose weight (and your job, performance didn't bank on it) it would be a different story. I'm not sure what your goals are but it sounds like keeping pace and recovering enough for your next workout are your primary objectives. Strength, met con conditioning will come from your training automatically.

      So don't worry about carb intake - you are getting more exercise than most primals. Your body wants those carbs and will make use of them efficiently.

      How many grams of protein are you getting a day? Fat? What other supplements (vitamin d, magnesium, zinc etc?) are you taking? Sleeping well? Sleeping enough? These are all things that will aid your recovery - until you get to the point where you no longer get DOMS or uncomfortable, achy soreness I'd worry more about optimizing your recovery protocols before worrying about carbohydrates.
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        @Catherine, cool, I'll have to check the single-serving packs out.
        @Fastcat - great point about optimizing recovery - I'm a NOTORIOUS overtrainer, and I just started my master's, so sleep is a little iffy these days (I'm averaging about 7 - I think I'd do better with more though). Appreciate the carb data though, I was getting down on myself for going overboard with the fruit last night, but it may have been just what the doctor ordered! Thanks man!


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          I agree with your buddy, Adam. I will swear by Recoverite too. However, I do my recovery drink a little different. I usually use one scoop of Hammer Whey protein and a 1 scoop of Recoverite, which is half a serving, splitting the carbs in half. It works wonders! They have several different flavors that you can get at most shops, depending on where you live, in a single serving pouches of Subtle Citrus, Strawberry, and Chocolate. If you are going to drink it by itself, Chocolate is probably the best flavor. I mix the citrus with my protein. Go online to and you should be able to see some literature about their products on there. Keep in mind, however, they are HUGE bike endurance junkies and you will see that most of their products are developed for endurance training/racing- ironmans, 24 hours runs, 24 hours bikes, etc. But I do love the Recoverite and it really does work.


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            i've also used the Chocolate whey post workout. It tastes pretty good. I like hammer products in general but i got kinda turned off by them when i got their last propaganda newsletter saying that soy is awesome. I think it was actually before i gave up grains n beans but i've always been suspicious of how soy is in everything & i believe in the pseudo estrogen effect of it so i've been a little standoffish with hammer since then.

            Switched to nuun and pemmican and occassional mid-ride banana, lonestar beer for recovery. Which works fine for the low intensity rides i've been doing!


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              You may also find that sweet potatoes or other starchy veggies may do the trick as well. If you're doing two-a-days, you definitely need more carbs.


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                I have used Recoverite and like it. I only use it when I have done a workout of about an hour or more, and if real food is readily available I may not use it even then. If you are going to be going long again within say 48 hours, I think it makes sense to get carbs (and protein) within 30 minutes or so of finishing a long workout.


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                  I use Glutamine myself and find it really helps with DOMS.
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                    I'm a believer in L Glutamine now since it fixed an achilles sprain in seemingly 2-3 days. Prior to that it had been hampering me for about 2 weeks.


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                      I take L-Glutamine and train two times a day
                      Lift in the AM with a short fast metcon
                      endurence in the PM
                      less pain but it doesnt take it all away..
                      its ment to help with cravings too!


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                        hmmm well studies dont much back up l glutamine in relation to athletic enhancement, but they do back it for decreased inflammation & gut repair or bowel problems and 'enhanced immunity'

                        also, l glutamine is known to be good if taken on an empty stomach pre-carb eating...supposidly it helps assimilate and deal with carbs so if your trying to be ketogenic you may want to lay off it
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