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Epsom Salts and recovery

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  • Epsom Salts and recovery

    Sometimes after 2 or 3 days of crossfit and a couple jiu jitsu classes, my arms and upper back/neck area are ungodly stiff and sore. Have any of you tried epsom salts for relief? I am considering purchasing some to try but don't want to waste my money on something useless.

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    I take epsom salt baths all the time. I usually mix mine with a girly product from Lush, but can only stay in the tub for 10-15 minutes because the epsom salts make me really hot and a little sweaty. You can definitely feel them doing something.


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      Look into BCAA's I honestly believe they've helped me be less sore on an average of 10g a day, sometimes forgetting to take it all together.

      Though my workouts aren’t as intense as yours and people have pointed that maybe I’m just better conditioned now than before but it wouldn’t be unlikely prior to taking BCAAs that for instance if I had a hard sprint workout the next two days I’d be fully out of commission. So yeah, I’m sure my conditioning is better now that I’ve been more committed to working out (especially those routines, such as sprinting, that would leave me really sore for days) but I pretty much do some type of workout everyday and don’t get sore. I had a weighted workout this morning so I should expect DOMS sometime tomorrow in the afternoon but since starting BCAA it just doesn’t happen.

      Worst that could happen is you’d be out $30 bucks (average) and it can last you up to a good month. I only take them when I workout fasted in the morning. I’ve read that if you get enough protein you may not need them, but the claim that it aids in recovery is thus far true with me and may NOT come from just eating enough protein which I always try to do.
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        Do you have any BCAA recommendations? I don't work out fasted or anything, but I would be interested in adding some BCAAs to my primal fuel shake.


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          I’ve only tried two, both were from GNC, both tasted awful (take them separately from your primal fuel shake, I mean, try it once but I bet it’ll ruin it)

          I’m currently taking Modern BCAA, raspberry flavor (makes no difference) I’d recommend getting the unflavored kind and adding lemon to it to dull the taste. Even if you don’t work out fasted you may reap benefits from it. The first time I bought BCAA I got no powder at all, I think it was GNC’s own brand and it was a rip-off. You can find Modern BCAA cheap as hell online, but at GNC it’s also moderately priced. It comes with L-glutamine which is also supposed to aid in recovery.
          I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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            I use Purple Wraath. BCAA plus beta-alanine. I LOVE it and use it before any tough workout, especially if I am exercising fasted.


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              Now brand BCAA These are capsules, so no flavor(win!) Oddly enough I was just reading about using the supplements rather than a drink for BCAA over at leangains. Unless I read it wrong, which happens.
              Meh, either way, there you go.
              Also, epson salt baths are great. Do both, won't harm ya.
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                Same way for me. I'm working out three days a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,
                and I'm still sore on Thursday from Tuesday's workout. Is this a bad thing to keep working
                these muscles even though they are not recouped? Or is it the fact that I'm 43 now, and
                that's just the way it is? Man, in high-school football camp we trained like animals 5 days
                straight. I wish I knew about primal then.