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    Here Goes

    Many of you know that I came into this through the golf door. I was inspired to play at a high level and ended up meeting and working with some of the best minds in the game. Tom Garner, Bay Hill Mike Bender timicuan cc and Mac o grady... I would say I was slightly obsessed. I know at one point I was completely sold that barefoot gym training was great for golf.. So after I graduated with a PGM degree I lost my House and all my stuff uninsured to Hurricane Katrina, with no Insurance I lost 60000 worth of my stuff. I served two tours in a combat zone in Iraq. I took two rounds of anthrax and went through some very intense military situations. High training with bad diet....and lots of radiation. My end goal of all of this is to totally pay homage to grok and establish the ground work for what the gene really wants. I myself think of him as a very isolated spear throwing sprinter, with good ground skills to submission as well as superior rope climbing skills. All of this is fun and along with barefoot walking with weights.... I have never felt better in my life.