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  • First Marathon - Primal nutrition only

    This weekend I ran and completed my first marathon. I only signed up a few weeks ago in a moment of insanity, but it actually went pretty well. I've done two half marathons and a 10-mile race in the past few years, but I have not done any running specific training in 12 months and I've been doing Crossfit Strength Bias (CFSB) since December 2009. I did a few 5-6 mile runs to prepare for my 10 miler last April, but since then I have only done two 3 mile runs and one 4 mile run, in addition to occasional 400m, 800m, or short sprint work in keeping the the CFSB metcon standards.

    Clearly, I had not done any specific training for the marathon whatsoever. I finished in 4:26 which isn't setting any records, but is great for my level of prep. I ran in my VFFs and only took in water and my own coconut water based iskiate recipe on course, as well as two Larabars and some salt packets. Pre and post race food was all paleo as well, except for one scoop of whey in my pre-race shake.

    Recovery, 96 hours later, is going well. My left hip flexor was quite sore for the first 24 hours, but it's nearly back to normal. Feet have a couple blisters, but do not hurt. The biggest remaining issue is some soreness at the bottom of my left Achilles where it attaches to my heel. I felt that start to get aggravated during some of the final hills and it's definitely still sore, but steadily improving.

    All in all, not a bad showing! If anyone would like more details on my nutrition strategy or race details please just let me know.

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    Hi Whiteknight,

    Congrats on finishing your first marathon.One question,did you use chia seeds in your iskiate?


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      Yes, my recipe was 8 oz of coconut water, 2 Tbl chia seeds, and lime and honey to taste (probably about 1 Tbl of each). I split that up into two servings.


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        Thanks Whiteknight.


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          Well done! It's quite a long way!

          I did my only marathon in 2004. (London). Completely CW diet. Worked up to a 12 mile jog once a week in the 3 months before the race. Managed it in 5 hr 10 min.

          I felt ill for a year afterwards! I don't do that sort of jogging any more!
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            Nice job!