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    If you look up primal athlete in the dictionary, you would see me. I was a top ranked junior tennis player when i was a child, i quit when i was 14. i am now 32. after i quit tennis (i won a state title in 7th grade) then I moved on to kicking field goals, golf, baseball and soccer, i lettered in all in high school. i played college golf at USM. I am better now in all those sports, i think because of the balance with the vibram shoes, along with the diet. I beat the 2 ranked player in the state mens open division. in tennis after only playing for 1 year.(what a testament to this site and mark sisson) lets just say that I am very good with the hands and the feet... and now i train to sprint. I work hard on my sprinting as well as my brazilian ju jitsu skills.

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    Hey bigeasyprimal,

    what's your training other than tennis and how many times are you playing tennis a week? I play 4.5 level and am trying to come up with a weekly plan that keeps me from doing too much. Also, what was your diet before going primal? Growing up and playing tennis 7 days a week I really ate bad thinking i'd burn it all off and at 40 it stopped burning off so easy!


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      I train with world class fighters on a daily basis, its pretty good stuff. I do rope training bands, pull ups. etc. put that with hydratherapy and you got me.


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        tennis is just for fun for me from now on, maybe a tournament or two here and there...


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          Primal has made me a way better fighter and athlete


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            Wow, Beating ranked Tennis players, Rolling with hardcore Jits practitioners, College golf scholarship, 85 mph should be wearing a cape ;-)....wish I had the time for that but two kids keep me busy on the weekends if you know what I mean. I still get my fitness in though...Slegdehammer/kettlebell workouts are my favorite right now.