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VFF Article in Army Times

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  • VFF Article in Army Times

    In this weeks article there is a huge article on VFF's and what each service is allowing it's members to do regards VFFs.

    The article isn't in the online version unfortunately

    What most people fail to realize is that the VFFs are a tool for fitness just like crossfit, running, lifting, etc.

    Bottom line: They're letting Commanders choose whether or not the VFFs will be allowed instead of approving/denying them in whole.

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    That is cool. A few guys in my Squadron wear them to PT. The Squadron Commander attends and hasn't said anything against them. I think though that they do fit into the Air Force regulation, except maybe they are considered 'fadish'.

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      What's a VFF?


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        VFF = Vibram Five Fingers 1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836


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          Freaking amazing shoes and it would have been so nice to wear these when I was enlisted. I wear mine everyday everywhere I go.
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            VFFs are IBOLC approved as long as socks are regulation!!
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              haha well at least that's a start. If Benning can approve them then it should start happening trickling down to more posts.