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Runners Injury ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) Inflammation Increasing

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    Originally posted by rockrunner View Post
    To the Op , I've noticed a difference in my run recovery since I started transitioning to Primal, I get a more sore muscles than before. I do not know why for sure but think its due to less carbs, I had a really carb heavy diet before gradually switching over to Primal. I'm about 3/4 of the way switched over. I'm still running about 20 miles a week with some beginner strength workouts which is a light run mileage for me. I'm sticking it out for awhile to see where this takes me, hoping the soreness goes away within a few weeks when I'm fully primal diet soon.
    Funny you mentioned you get sore easily since going primal. I, too, have noticed this. I also believe it is my body adjusting. But unlike you, I was not on a carb heavy diet. I did eat "bad" carbs throughout the week, but my diet was more 30%/30%/30% as opposed to a higher ratio of carbs. I will be curious to see if the soreness factor goes down over time.


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      Originally posted by NutMeg View Post
      I agree foam roller! Learn a good ITB stretch, when you stretch make sure to hold the stretch for 30 seconds and repeat 3-5 times. Also focus on stretching your piriformis, hamstrings and gastroc/soleus (upper/lower calf)

      I also think that barefoot running might help. I don't do it, but am seriously thinking of getting a pair of VFF or Runamocs. I have a lot of lateral knee pain from a torn LCL.

      There is research out there somewhere that shows that running shoes put up to 25-30% more torque on the knee and additional torque on the hips compared to barefoot running.
      I am going to check out this running barefoot thing. I certainly do love running barefoot. I have only done it once this past summer on the beach... it was awesome. I do not yet have VFF-like shoes. I might have to try those.

      Foam roll - I definately own one. My problem is that I don't use it daily. I only use it when I have pain. My girlfriend (a PT) keeps telling me that I need to do it daily no matter what. So... I just need to suck it up and do it daily, even though it is annoying. I guess that is my punishment for running a marathon through injury years ago. Ha!


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        You should listen to the GF, she does have a degree in this stuff, ya know?

        I have lateral knee pain too, which is from a partially torn LCL, so not regular ITBS. I have noticed that being primal does help with general inflammation, not more plantar fascia pain. But, it doesn't particularly help with actual injury, like my LCL, or your ITB. My dad has arthritis in his knees and shoulders. Eating paleo (he is more strict than PB) has helped with the pain that results from the inflammation, but still has pain in one shoulder, which has lead him to believe it might be a rotator cuff injury, which i tend to agree with. Eating this way helps inflammation, but it doesn't cure dysfunction.

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          I switched to VFFs about 3 weeks ago and my chronic knee inflammation AND pain are gone. I put on 'normal' shoes and the pain returns. Needless to say, I'm either barefoot or in my VFFs up to the point I MUST put on conventional shoes.

          Take your time, but give them a shot. They have corrected my posture and gait as well.


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            livestrongsean: I'm in Chi, too. Go to Hanig's and they will help you choose a pair of VFF's (and awesome toe socks) that can keep you barefootin' through the winter. That's where my hub and I go for ours.