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  • Sprinting for Speed

    I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to improve my speed for sports? I'm talking 10-20-50 yard distances.
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    1) Sprint. For speed improvement, you should stick to no more than 500 yards per session. For instance, doing 12 40-yard dashes, 10 50-yard dashes, etc., will be excellent. Give plenty of rest between the sprints to allow full recovery so that you can give maximum effort for each sprint.

    2) Plyometric training can improve explosiveness. Jumps, etc., can help with that, and the short explosiveness can aid in your acceleration off the line.

    3) Bounding and quick feet drills will lengthen stride and increase the power given with each step, respectively.

    4) Practice your starts and make sure your sprint form is pristine.

    Erm... oh. Hill sprints work great too. That's just a small starter.
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