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  • Primal Half Marathon

    This weekend I did my second half marathon. It was the Rock n Roll Half we have here in VA beach every labor day weekend. It is a great event, recommend it to anyone near by.

    First, I am not a runner. My longest run going into this race was maybe 3 miles. In Feb. of this year I changed to a more primal lifestyle. My training consists of crossfit type training, and cycling. I do sprints once a week. I have lost around 20 pounds, and I am much stronger.

    I ran this race last year in 2:07 with a bit more run training. This year I ran it in 1:53. I improved 14 mins. in a year by just changing my diet and strength training. I even beat a few of my friends that run all year round.

    This is just a testimony as how much some simple changes can have on your physical readiness. All of you runner/tri guys, pick up some weights once in a while. You will see great improvements.
    Merry Spinmas!!!

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    Thanks for posting this!! My sister wants me to do a half with her in Feb next winter. I too, am not a runner. However, I just started "training" a couple months ago & did the Warrior Dash (Rockies) last month & was Very pleased with my results.
    You have proven to me that I can do this half 5 months from now if I continue on the fitness path I am on. Also on my side is altitude! I live at 9,000 ft & this run is in Florida.
    Thanks again for the encouragement !!


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      Nice Job! I live in Northern VA. and was going to run this. Never made it though.


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        Yay! Just like Mark's story about going back to Ironman after primal training.
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          It's so funny how the " Runners" roll their eyes and bash this whole primal/paleo lifestyle, and they are never improving their times by that much with logging hours of mindless body pounding runs day in and day out. 14 minutes is HUGE. I used to run distance, and Now I just don't really care to that much. I don't like *having* to get miles in. it's draining both mentally and physically. I run interval sprints soley, swing kettlebells, and strength train maybe twice or sometimes 3 times a week. I am in the gym 3 days a week, maybe 4 if I can do it. I dropped 3 minutes off of my 5k time with half the training and a 1/4 of the miles on the roads. The mindset of the runner is that I find that most of them feel that the running is all they need to do for their fitness, and if they would only wise up and realize what we all have, Imagine how many gifted runners would be out at those races!

          Nice Work by the way. When's the next one?


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            Thanks for all of the encouragement. I may do it again next year, I don't know. I think it is great that just changing your lifestyle can have a great effect on your physical preparedness. I have always been active, but with a change in diet, and some strength training, I am on a whole new level. I wish I had known about this years ago. As a competitive cyclist, I could have cut out a lot of junk miles.

            durianrider, Those are some great times. Good luck on your upcoming race.
            Merry Spinmas!!!


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              Im reading PB at the moment and Mark says that chronic cardio is bad?

              What do people think about this?


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                From the book what did you think the difference between the hours of good cardio that Mark recommends and chronic cardio was? Hint: chronic cardio is not a redundant term.


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                  I have a friend who will run a half marathon and he eats pasta to store glycogen. What would you recommend instead?

                  simplyryde, which carbs do you eat if any before a marathon?