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Where did my race fuel go?

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  • Where did my race fuel go?

    I have been doing PB for almost 3 weeks now. I am an avid runner and compete almost every weekend in sort of race. Triathlon, 5k, 10k, and Half marathons are my normal races. This past weekend I did a 10.5k and ran out of fuel during the race. I was in firt place for 5.5miles and died right at the end and let 2 people pass me. I did not have the normal energy in the race and could not sustain my normal speed. I obviously used to eat pasta and things like that the night before the race. Have I not given PB enough time, or do I need to fuel before the race differently? The morning of the race I had 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, and some almonds a little before the race.

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    Robb Wolf recommends eating some sweet potato with every day/meal for the week before a major race. I have heard good things about people doing this on this forum also.


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      i had a similar problem and it simply took a bit more time to work itself out, 3 weeks isn't very long to be on this diet. also, just before any big rides i started having a banana smeared with almond butter. seemed to help a lot. after about 5 weeks I had way more consistent energy throughout intense physical exercise.


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        +1 on the sweet potato. that really helped me with a triathlon (plus a banana two hours before the race). but if you are training while following the PB diet plan you should have no trouble adapting, especially with the 5 & 10k's where you're really not burning fuel for very long.


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          +2 on the sweet potato and if you need rock fuel on the course try a Medjool date!


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            Agree with above suggestions. Personally, I wouldn't go that heavy on race morning for a 10k. Actually, probably a banana and some milk.

            For longer races, probably some sweet potato two days ahead.

            Obviously, you need something (like a date) if you start to lag. Actually, you should experiment enough between now and the next log race to know when you are going to hit a wall, and have something before that happens.
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              hold banana like a stick hahaha
              I will be normal. I will be NORMAL again


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                You shouldnt be doing cardio at that intensity. Its like thrashing the heart muscle big time. In nature we would not run that far or hard. It would be 10m bursts of power to ambush prey. I do 10m bursts everyday across my bedroom. Its good stuff.


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                  While doing those sorts of races aren't recommended under a Primal lifestyle, if it's something important to you and you really don't want to give it up, check out "The Paleo Diet for Athletes." I actually bought and read that book before I found MDA. It has a lot of helpful information for being an endurance athlete while eating Paleo/Primal.


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                    This is what Joe Friel posted in his blog about his diet. Who is JF? He wrote the book 'paleo diet for athletes'.

                    Quick math I would say his diet is over 70%calories coming from carbs. Grok would be pissed!


                    A student doing a project for a sports nutrition class asked me to record what I ate yesterday. Since I get lots of questions here on this blog (and by email) about sport nutrition I thought it might serve as a good reference point for future discussion. I'm sure this will prompt some questions on the topic. So the followng is my nutrition log from Thursday, June 10. I don't know how many calories this was or the breakdown by nutrients (I never count calories), but expect someone may figure that out and let us know.


                    2c coffee

                    6oz grilled turkey w/1 Tbs olive oil

                    3 carrots, small

                    3 slices bell pepper

                    22 grapes

                    1 Hawaiian papaya

                    2 fish oil capsules (480mg)

                    3 hour easy bike ride

                    1 Clif bar

                    Post-workout recovery snack

                    10oz orange juice

                    1c Coca-Cola

                    8 large crackers

                    1 banana

                    Mid-afternoon snack

                    3 handfuls of grapes and mixed berries

                    10 oz orange juice

                    1 Balance bar (at golf course)

                    Dinner (at restaurant with family)

                    Large mixed-greens salad with vinaigrette dressing

                    6 jumbo shrimp (boiled)

                    1c sliced jicama

                    6 thin slices of zucchini

                    1c black rice

                    1 beer

                    1 brownie, plain

                    2 fish oil capsules (480mg)

                    So I can see how it is confusing for people trying to be Primal/Paleo/zero carb and then authors say you should not do/do cardio/not eat carbs/eat carbs..

                    I dont want to be a skinny kickboxer, runner, triathlete so I dont eat the carb focused diets they do. I like the frames of the East Bloc powerlifters. You wont see them eating much carbs! Just as you wont see gun runners eating much fat. (Kenyans are the best runners on earth and eat under 10% of calories from fat. Do you want to be as skinny as a kenyan? I dont!)

                    Trying to cross over sports and expect fast times on a mass gaining diet is just going to drive us crazy. Give up the carbs and give up the cardio. Its just another kenneth cooper fad.


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                      I know you have been trolling on these boards providing no useful information on this board. PB is not a zero carb diet. It's lower carb...which you shouldn't really have an issue with. We don't like refined or processed carbs here. We are teaching our bodies to use our bodyfat as fuel not glucose. So far it is working for me. I just did 10 miles at a 9:30 pace on nothing but 1 egg and 1 sausage. Back in June on my SAD I would never have been able to do this.


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                            Get a clue Durian and go ride your banana...Obviously you have no interest in this lifestyle


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                              If you have no interest in this lifestyle, kindly GO AWAY.

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