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How should my diet change considering the demands of what I'm doing?

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  • How should my diet change considering the demands of what I'm doing?

    Ok, so I've been trying to eat healthy for the past year or two, but I've just recently got into this primal thing. I was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction in terms of what I should be eating more or less of, considering what I do.

    I'm currently in college, so meals are pretty simple. These are the main things I'm eating:

    -Big vegtable/egg stir fries (organic potatoes, eggs, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and carrots, cooked in olive or coconut oil; 2 or 3 times a week)

    -Organic pesto-coated chicken - tastes amazing, try it (2 or 3 meals a week)

    -Baked organic yams with tons of kerrygold butter (few times a week)

    -Grass-fed ground beef, probably in tacos because I can't think of anything good to make with it

    -Raw milk (as much as half a gallon a day. I took a month off of it this summer, no difference in how I feel)

    -Walnuts and bananas for snacks on campus

    -fresh ground peanut butter (I know almond butter and other nut butters are better, but is unrefined peanut butter really that bad?)

    -Lots of water

    That's about it. As for excercise:

    -About 2 hours of soccer almost every day
    -Up to an hour a day of swimming and/or rock climbing
    -Weekly ultra-intense squat/pushup/pullup/plank/overhead press workout (20-30 mins)

    As of now I'm probably around 6% body fat, 6"5' and a little over 170 if that affects food choices at all. Any suggestions?

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    What are your goals in terms of body composition? Do you feel well, lively, perky?
    If it aint broke don't fix it I'd say
    The milk doesn't seem to affect you, fantastic. But can you reduce or drop the peanuts? It's about the anti-nutrients they contain, that can irritate your gut and mess things up subtly or not so subtly!


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      For tacos ditch the shell or the wrap and make it a taco salad instead - YUM!!
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        Northerngirl - Funny thing is that I pretty much feel good regardless of what I eat. I guess that could be expected for a heathly 20-something, but I can eat 5 waffles soaked in maple syrup and still feel fine haha. I'll look at the stuff about the peanut butter, thanks.

        In terms of body composition, it would be nice to gain a few pounds, but probably won't be easy with that much soccer.

        Sassy - any other recommendations for ground beef? steaks are so expensive =(
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          There's all kinds of great meatball recipes out there, with tons of variety. We also like to make kind of hash with ground beef, onions, and veggies. If you add some tomato sauce to that it's more like a goulash thing. Chili, of course. I think I have heard of some people successfully using ground beef in curries.

          Another thing to do is get yourself a crock pot and learn how to do pot roast - there are lots of inexpensive cuts of meat that cook up deliciously in a crock pot.
          Sassy: Revised - my primal log


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            Hmm I actually have a crockpot that I've never used. I haven't come across many big cuts of meat that are grass fed and/or organic though, which I understand is a big deal for beef, pork, lamb and chicken.