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  • Less fat for athletes?

    Question reguarding the diet for athletes who train for over an hour a day 5-6 days a week. I practice Brazilian jiujitsu as well as lift 3 days a week and incorporate sprints once a week (something I added after discovering pb) anyways because of my training schedule I need to consume postwork carbs to be able to get through the next days workout. I've even heard an interview with mark where he said you'll need to carbs if you train like this. Anyways besides the pwo carbs I try to adhere to pb eating. ( dropping grains has significantly helped digestion) however should i limit my fat intake because of the extra carbs?

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    In my opinion no. You are using PWO carbs to replenish your glycogen stores because of the constant training. Limiting your fat intake WILL lessen your total caloric intake but fat helps lessen the insulin spike you will get from the extra carbs. Feed the Machine! Any of you PB'ers please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also I would recommend Sweet Potatoes and/or fruits as your carb of choice. Def. the lesser of all the carb evils.


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      Yes, my advice would be to keep your protein high and balance your fat vs carbs. So, if you're doing a carb re-feed (and I agree with Sean on the sweet potatoes and fruit) then cut your fat back a bit.


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        no way man, if anything up the fat to give yourself some extra calories. i train about the same amount (jits, muay thai, gym) and to avoid feeling underfed i always have to increase my fat intake. mash red potatoes for post workout, i feel the best after those. avoid quick carbs like dextrose/maltodextrin.

        anyway, i guarantee you are already taking in less calories than you need. with that much activity plus working a job/living/etc we burn a shit load of calories. enter your activity into a cal calculator and you'll see. fats are the best way to get the calories in, with 9 cals per gram of fat. also, a lot of jiujitsu is done from 60%-80% intensity where your body is still oxidizing fat for its main energy source. anything after 80% or so you are using almost all carbs/glycogen.


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          I miss bjj and muay thai! I have nothing else to contribute...
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            thanks for the tips guys ill try to add more fat still trying to get over the fat intake, CW got me scared :P


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              I'd add more and more fat and see if you can go with less and less carbs. It'll be a rough transition though. Your body is currently using carbs for the main source of fuel and you want to use fat instead. Eva (who I rarely see post here anymore) does a great deal of intensive sports and training and is 95% carnivorous.
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                I only limit fat intake before athletic activities, and I do so because I find that eating it in the quantities that many on this forum do makes me feel sluggish and "off." However, I see no reason (in your situation) to limit fat in general.
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                  I wrestled D1 in college and now train BJJ competitively and started crossfit about 7 months ago and am planning on competing in that as well after an injury is fully healed. I wasn't a PBer while wrestling in college so I have been experimenting with the best way to recover since I started PB about 5 months ago.

                  I do BJJ and CF 4-6 days a week. Typically a 2 hr BJJ session and then the CF is about 1-1:20 with warm up and extras at the end(stretching/inverted hang) Some days its BJJ in the AM others CF, generally I have about 6-8 hrs in between training sessions. I don't drop my fat intake at all as I need to keep my calories up, I feel that getting enough calories is my biggest problem. As far as added carbs I usually have a peach/plum and some berries following a workout. I also just started trying coconut water in the past few weeks and like it. I have the 10 oz size and it gets me 16g carbs 9g sugar, and also has a good bit of potassium. I find that that right after a workout along with some fruit in the 15-60 min after help me be ready later in the day. I use 30-35 g of whey protein right after workouts as well. Like someone else said the only thing you could experiment with is eating less fat right before a workout if that is making you nauseous during exercise, I had this problem in the first 4-6 weeks of PB but have no issues now and usually start my day with a high fat meal 1-2 hrs before my first training session.

                  Anyway I would stick to fruits and try out coco water, just be sure to get a good brand that doesn't use additives. And keep your fat intake the same but adjust the distribution among your meals if necessary. And if you are still having trouble recovering it is more likely because you aren't getting enough total calories from fats/protein and adding more carbs isnt the answer.

                  hope this helps, happy training


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                    I'd add more and more fat and see if you can go with less and less carbs. It'll be a rough transition though. Your body is currently using carbs for the main source of fuel and you want to use fat instead. Eva (who I rarely see post here anymore) does a great deal of intensive sports and training and is 95% carnivorous.


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                      Id up the fat and if you cant train proper then you shouldnt be doing that sport cos its too much cardio and glycogen dependent. Doing stuff that makes us need to eat more carbs is conter productive IMHO. I used to be a gun runner but stopped a year ago cos I heard how bad cardio is for the heart. Eating carbs is just gonna wreck your insulin levels and give unstable glucose. There was no bananas or potatoes back in the paleo days. There was just greens and fats.

                      I just do some heavy lifting instead these days. I benched 120lbs yesterday, 4 times. I try and keep my reps low and weights really heavy.


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                        Unrefined primal carbs are fine and won't wreck your health. There are cultures that have/had good health that consume a lot of carbs so it is not as simple as carbs = chronically elevated insulin = disease. Unless you have some specific condition like diabetes then eating some natural carbs aint gonna hurt, especially if you are very active and lean.
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                          What tribes are you talking about MTM? Hunza, vilicabamba, terrahumara? etc? They all ate over 80% of their daily calories from carbs and thats not what we are promoting on this forum is it?

                          Sure they lived a long time free of disease but they were not exactly very strong people. I want to be big and strong, not wiry and eating rabbit food all day! Heck, there was no bananas, corn, potatoes back when Grok was roaming around. I model my life on Grok as I think its a great mindset to be in. I ask 'what would Grok eat and could Grok find it in nature?' If not, then I dont eat it and nor should anyone that is serious about being are hardcore PB'er. Otherwise we just set ourselves up for failure.

                          Im all about HIT training. Go hard in, go hard out. 10m sprints and 1 max bench press. Doesnt get the heart rate and up and keeps the mass high. Doing cardio just creates carb cravings and who is honestly satisfied with one sweet potato? Why do sports that lead to carb binges when we dont have to? I train for mass and eat fat, protein and low carb veggies each meal. LOTS of healthy fats! Fat is good!
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                              no, you should increase fat for high intensity workout...2-3x generally.