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  • Skimboarding

    anyone on here do it?
    it's this if your wondering

    during summer I'm doing this pretty much everyday, which translates into sprinting for an hour too three hours nearly everyday.... Mark says to only sprint once in a while. Do you think this could cause problems while on a low carb diet?
    (i know there isn't a ton of sprinting on the video, but that's what he's doing before he gets on the water)

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    I skimboard as well here in Bermuda. Used to do it everyday but climbing is taking up most of my time now. Since the sprints are so short I don't think that you will have problems except may a craving for something carb-ie after. I tend to eat fruit or sweet potato after a long session.
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      It sounds like the water boarding torture that the CIA used to do but with skim milk instead of water. Personally, I think that drinking skim milk is torture even without having it poured down my throat to make me think I am drowning.


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        OMG i use to be a HUGEEEE skimboarder!!! it is sooooo frikin much fun!!!! then moved to MS ....we have the gulf but no waves... oh my, i forgot about skimboardig. i still have my board...ohhh wanna goo!!!!!!!!! if you have bad balance, bad knees, bad back ahhahah i dont recomend it you will takesome nasty falls learning to do it!
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          I used to do this all day. I have a new skimboard too. I need to get back into it. The only problem is that most of the beaches are rocky around here.
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            Skimboarding is a ton of fun! I would consider that as play, and really there shouldn't be any limit on play time. If you feel yourself getting run down and tired, eat more, but don't worry about it being not primal. If grok had a board like that, he'd be way into it i'm sure