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    Hi all,

    The forum members here are so knowledgeable and I was hoping to get some advice. I am on a 6 man Ultra-Team for the Washington DC Ragnar relay . I have to run 3 legs of within 24 hrs. The distances are roughly 13 mile, 5 , 10 miles.

    I know Chronic cardio is bad but I had agreed to do this before I went primal in June. I always honor my commitments.

    How should I fuel my workouts? I was thinking a baked sweet potato or low GI carb before the workout and protein and primal carb after the workout. My longest training run will be 13 miles. On the course I plan on using Lara bars, figs, and coconut water. How does that sound? Should I be doing anything else to prepare? I'm an experienced runner but the low carb I have been doing is making me nervous about my long runs. Thanks.

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    Low carbs are not going to sustain your runs. A 24 hour session is not chronic, so don't sweat it. Carb loading 2 or 3 days out would probably be a good thing.
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      Thx Chefgerry


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        I am doing the one in Tenn in Nov. I am trying to get my head around this as well. It will also be 3 weeks after I run a 50k. My strategy has been to do my long runs 13-16mile with no carb loading. While I am not 100% primal I no longer rely on pasta, rice & potatoes to "carb up". I figure if I can get my body to perform without the added carbs in the bank and learn to switch over to fat quicker I will be better off in the long run (pun intended). I do drink the dreaded Gatorade Pro during my runs. Coco water isn't an option in this heat. Your strategy is sound, but make sure you get some good sources of protein (i.e hardboiled eggs) during the relay. Your will get sick of eating Larabars & fruit after the first 8 hours.


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          Hey SoleSurvivor, I ran the Holiday Lake 33 mile race back in February before I went primal. I ate everything in sight. I can run a 10K right now on a cup of coffee and an omelet so I think I have adjusted somewhat to the low carbs. Thanks for the hard boiled egg tip. I also plan on making some beef jerky for the race. Good luck on both your races. Let me know how you do.