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OUCH! Dislocated my elbow!

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  • OUCH! Dislocated my elbow!

    So... long story short (typing left handed)... last Thursday riding my bike, came to a stop, pedal didn't unclip, fell on extended hand...SNAP goes the elbow. Went to the ER, Got knocked out to pop it back in, am in a cast, had an MRI today & get results on Thursday.
    Husband left on Army trip Sunday for 3 weeks.
    Having "fun" trying to do things one-handed. NOT.
    Any advice on healing, rehab, boredom?

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    Oh no! I'm so sorry! And no doubt you're right handed, too, I'm betting? Ugh. I unfortunately don't have any healing advice but I'm sure someone knowledgable will pop in and help. I just wanted to offer my condolences. I'm glad you're okay otherwise.


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      Oh my gosh! That sound absolutely horrible. That's exactly why I still use platform pedals. I generally have a good fall about once a year all on my own....don't need any help from the pedals.

      I hope you heal quickly and can get back to having fun on the bike!

      Is it as painful as I'm imagining it is?


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        Owee. Happened to my daughter when she was little. They popped it back in without knocking her out, and she was fine in a few days. Too bad you're not still a toddler made out of rubber, huh?


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          Originally posted by fit4lifegal View Post
          Any advice on healing, rehab, boredom?
          Well for the first two... you'd have to see a licensed physiotherapist. Seeking advice like that on an Internet forum isn't particularly a good thing. As for the boredom -- is your uninjured arm your non-dominant arm? This would be a great time to work on that arm and increase its strength if that's the case. Unilateral arm/chest work, for instance.
          Are you a college student, trying to navigate college while being Primal? Do you know any other PB college students on a tight budget? Heck, for that matter, are YOU trying to live Primal on a budget? Enroll at Primal University!

          For after all what is man in nature? A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing, a central point between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either.
          -- Blaise Pascal


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            Dominant arm. Of course. LOL. Trying to keep a positive outlook and get to all that stuff I put off and don't have time to do. Just frustrated with the one-handed thing. Thanks for the condolences/ well wishes - of course I feel like a complete idiot. I guess when I get the test results, and find out my options, I will feel better.

            Yes, I hear toddlers have a much easier time. The Doc told me they almost broke my arm popping back in.

            I've been through other painful events (including childbirth, broken bones, etc) this was the worst.


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              I've dislocated my knees multiple times... I've heard elbow and shoulder are the worst though... I feel your pain... happy healing!


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                Ha! My elbow is broken right now from a fall nearly identical to yours exactly one month ago (radial head fracture). I didn't have to have a cast, but it hurt really really bad for the first week. It still hurts a little and it won't fully extend yet. It really is difficult to live life only using 1 arm, isn't it? I can finally type with 2 hands again (yay), but it took a while.

                I used to dislocate my elbow all the time as a kid. They just had to twist it back into place. It hurt, but it wasn't really that big of a deal.


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                  Glad you are recuperating well! I'm lucky in one respect, I have very little pain, and within the restrictions of the cast, I can move all fingers fine, rotate wrist (seems to work ok), my shoulder joint seems ok. and I can still tighten my bicep. From what I've read, the radial head fracture is pretty common, along with ligament tears. Unless they managed to fracture something popping me back in, there weren't any obvious fractures on the initial xrays.

                  Results tomorrow....


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                    Sorry you have to go through this; hope the results tomorrow are good.

                    All I can suggest is to keep your protein high for healing, and maybe up your fish oil to help with inflammation, etc.
                    Also, keep your spirits up, and don't be too bummed. You're gonna be healed up before you know it!


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                      zinc also helps with healing bruises and reducing inflammation


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                        Well, I got a second opinion after I received my MRI results (I ruptured my ligaments, tore my muscle, damaged my ulnar nerve and have a bone bruise)... the 2nd Dr. took my splint off, moved my arm around - it didn't fall out of the socket (YAY)... and he thinks I will actually get most of the function back. No surgery (again, YAY), no cast, I have to stay out of work for a little while, so I don't reinjure it... but, whew! Should be fairly functional in a month or two, and about three months for max recovery. I will miss the next session of Kettlebells, and I can't lift anything for 4 weeks - but I have to tell you... there is really is something to the whole PB lifestyle... the Dr. couldn't believe I didn't break any bones, and I am already regaining function and range of motion.


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                          I used to be a park ranger and, while I'm not a cyclist myself, I did see hundreds of them in the park every year. Most of the serious ones used the cleat shoes with the clips. I always wondered what happens if you lose control of the bike or need to put a foot down quickly. I get that you can ride more efficiently because you can pull up on the pedal as well as pushing down, but is it worth the risk of this kind of injury?

                          I once had to help a cyclist who couldn't get out of his clips when his bike went over a wash out on a narrow trail. Let's just say that I'm pretty sure that one foot shouldn't point backwards when you are on your back on the ground. I wonder if a spiral fracture of the femur made him reconsider his nifty pedal clips?

                          I hope I'm not stepping on any cleated shod toes here! I think you should use whatever bicycling equipment you want when you ride. And I hope that elbow gets better quickly and painlessly f4lgal!


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                            Jefferson... though I am not new to biking, I am new to the whole clip thing... at this point, I wonder how I will feel about clipping back in...
                            That being said.... I can see the benefit of clipping in, despite the risk. Almost everyone I know who clips in, has fallen - most have been fortunate to have only bruised their pride.

                            I'm not sure if the benefits outweigh the risks... kind of like when people told me not to do kettlebells because they had a high injury risk. I really enjoy KB, but made sure I took a class with a certified instructor so I could learn proper form.

                            Maybe I will save clipping in for Spin class, maybe I will only clip on side at a time...

                            I'm just happy I seem to be healing OK - did an hour on the treadmill doing intervals yesterday - and discovered my hip hurts... (guess I landed on that after the elbow snapped) - but I am still plodding along, in my klutzy quest for fitness....

                            was Grok ever a klutz?