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    I wanted to see if anyone wanted to discuss some of the ideas that are used for Paleo athletics. Here are some thoughts for consideration:

    - Sprinting. Our ancestors no doubt sprinted. But where would they have had the chance to go all out, full bore consistently? Their sprinting vs. the modern setting is night and day. The terrain would most likely have made sprinting, all out, an impossibility much like there chances of steady state chronic cardio being conducted by our Paleo ancestors was almost nill..hills, tricky footing, streams, etc., would have all had the same impact. Wouldn't sprinting on a grass football field, for example, be a bit more Paleo than a track or pavement/
    - Weight training. Frank Forencich wrote no self-respecting cave(person) would probably be caught dead laying on the ground doing pushups and how many Paleo types would have laid on the ground and done presses with heavy rocks or other objects? This is probably part of the modern quandary we face--we're engaged in a number of artificial movements in modern strength world but the media and the bodybuilding world have skewed our perspective of what true, functional strength from Grok's perspective would have really been (and what we're designed for). Art Devany questioned the sanity of man-made movements such as bench pressing--which has only been around less than 100 or so years--and suggested incline benches were safer. But again, when did Grok lay around and do any bench presses? Pressing things overhead, carrying things, pushing from an upright position, dragging--all seem to be more Paleo than a Smith squat or swinging a KB 100 times (in fact, kind of hard seeing ole Grok doing this one at all).

    Just wanted to toss this one out for some discussion.

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    survival of the fittest... and females probably are attracted to bigger/stronger men so i guess it could be possible they did stuff to increase thier attractiveness (and potential to mate).


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      Here's an interesting discovery/article about ancient man and sprinting

      What's more, Webb calculates that one hunter was running at 23 miles (37 kilometers) an hour, or as fast as an Olympic sprinter.


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        weight training is a series of stand-in movements for other activites - activities which our society doesn't offer as freely as paleo peoples'. just as you are suggested to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals, you should supplement with these exercises in order to be fit.


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          What about borrowing sports from very old cultures? Pull some from the Scottish Games, the Tarahumara ball race, Lacrosse from the Iroquois Nation, Cliff Diving, and Wrestling in some form. It could include footraces of various distances including an ultra, and maybe a biathlon adventure race kind of like the steeplechase with swimming instead of just a water hazard.

          I'm guessing you are thinking of a Primal Olympics of some sort?
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            Put something heavy on your back and walk/run for a long distance.


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              Gathering firewood. I've just done it today, and even with a chainsaw it is brutal work.
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