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I wish I had this for wrestling, what sports do you use it for?

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  • I wish I had this for wrestling, what sports do you use it for?

    I'm not in high school anymore, but when I was I did wrestling, and man do I wish I knew about this whole primal fitness thing. When I was on the wrestling team, I was still trapped in the conventional wisdom of coaches and lifting weights hardcore.

    I know the primal fitness philosophy and the lifestyle would have provided me with the tools to have the perfect wrestling body and gotten me into incredible shape to be a great wrestler.

    Now I'm in college and don't do any official sports, I rock climb, hike, go bouldering, and play ultimate frisbee with my friends, and can't wait to start doing primal living more because I know I'll be the best!

    Anyway I guess my main point in this post is if you are in high school or doing any sort of sport, primal fitness is a great way to get in shape for it.

    What sports do you use primal living for? Are there any that you used to do that primal living could have made you better at? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts!
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    I think I would have done a shit ton better at P90X if I had done it primally.
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      I play tennis. I'm pretty competitive, looking to go D1 in two years. haven't been able to play due to ankle injury/surgery early this year, but when I get back I have no doubt primal will help me!


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        Martial arts, hiking and backpacking (not really sports, but...), kettlebells and weightlifting, and occasionally biking and running.


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          I'm currently in high school, and I'm on the wrestling team. I went primal a few weeks ago and am looking forward to a huge improvement this season, particularly my strength-to-bodyweight ratio and my low body fat percentage.


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            i train BJJ and muay thai and compete in BJJ, primal living + beta alanine = never run out of gas


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              I used to wrestle and I really wish I had the PB concept in high school... I used to have to cut weight from football to wrestling, and it usually meant dropping 30-35lbs every winter. If I had done it healthily I would have been much happier.


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                Karate.. I really love it, I've been doing it since high school, if I already had PB concept back then maybe I could achieve something out of it than just becoming a badass at school
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