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Daily Workouts + Tae Kwon Do + Retail Job

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  • Daily Workouts + Tae Kwon Do + Retail Job

    Hi guys!

    I just completed a 90 day project involving daily workouts and proper diet including basic, whole foods (yes, grain and milk/yogurt included. mostly non-fat or lowfat). Now that I'm done, I'm still working out about an hour a day of body weight and resistance band training, combined with 15 minutes of rope jumping. Three days a week I have 1-1.5 hours of Tae Kwon Do training. To top it off, I work an 8-hour a day retail job with only one lunch break and barely time to get snacks in(doing the 6 meal a day thing). I'm 144lbs, 5' 10". Probably hanging out around 8-10% body fat at the moment. I'm looking to start paleo, but I'm unsure of my dietary needs and what my body needs to recover from all this, and to gain muscle. I'm not looking to bulk up, nor gain weight in fat. Generally I feel hungry about an hour after eating.

    Basically, I don't really know where to start, or what my meal make-up/frequency should be. I want a diet that will keep me energized throughout the day and improve my performance in both workouts and TKD.

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    I would suggest reading mark's book The Primal Blueprint, Paleo IS NOT the same thing as primal. The Primal Blueprint is a lifestyle not just a diet. I do TKD 5 days a week, my primal diet has improved my workouts greatly. I've lost 20 lbs and my cardio, endurance, and speed are improved. OH, and I'm 54 yrs old. Give it a try, your on the right track, you will not be disappointed.


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      Everything you've been doing - do the opposite lol.

      Healthy, whole foods is a good start but you lost me after that...

      Beef, fish, eggs, uncured bacon (cause it tastes like CANDY), green and/or leafy veggies, fruit if you need it and anything whole and natural that came from a coconut...some can tolerate small amounts of nuts, cheese, full fat greek yogurt, cream, etc.

      Rice, bread, pasta, cereals, grains = poison (for me and a lot of others...but maybe just not ideal for most).

      I am trying to get some Amazon gift cards I earned worked out so I can purchase the book, myself - I bet its a great read, but I have gotten LOADS of genuinely awesome info just poking around the forums and blog posts.