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After one month of sprints ...

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  • After one month of sprints ...

    I made a post earlier...about a month ago....about how I was unable to get my time below 8 minutes for the mile. I was running a mile everyday, and after two weeks, my time was just not going down. It was 8 minutes for all two weeks of daily mile runs.

    I changed my routine a bit. I did 4x400 sprints with a jog in between each. I would then do 4 all-out 100% 100m 's. I did that on all the weekdays. I would the take saturday to do squats, lunges, and calf exercises, and finish with a 1-mile run. I would use Sunday to rest.

    I just did a mile yesterday in 7:15. This is not a great time, but it is a huge step for me, simply for the fact that not only did I break the 8-minute mark for the first time, I broke it by 45 entire seconds.

    I'm hoping that if I just follow this simple routine for another couple months, I'll be able to break the 7-minute mile.

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    Hey that's very good Napoleon. Great improvement, just goes to show HIIT is the way to go.


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      Nice Job!
      Never, never, never quit! -- Winston Churchill


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        Congrats on breaking the 8 minute barrier! The mile is a very challenging distance to run. You are always on the edge. It's not just a sprint.
        By introducing sprints you really stepped up your work rate which in the end will show improvement. Keep it up. But also understand you have almost doubled the distance you run on each occasion. A key to improving especially at the beginning is to make sure you run enough. Even if it is slowly. Might I also suggest that you run one day a week maybe two at a much slower pace, but for 2 miles instead of one. Recovering from 5 days in a row of sprints can be hard on your body.


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          I congratulate you on your success, but I wonder if you could have achieved more (or less, time wise) by doing it less often? Meaning it seems you were active 6 out of 7 days, very active at that, I wonder if your muscles would have had time to rest properly...
          I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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            Congrats on the improvement. I do agree with Iniquity regarding the volume of high intensity training you are doing. You might back off a bit and do some slow movements in between days. Maybe even split the 400s and 100s on different days. Ultimately let your body tell you what's working or not.


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              Hmm...I actually thought I was doing too little haha. I will think about maybe doing alternate days of 400's and 100's. Good idea, guys! Thanks !!!


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                Originally posted by Napoleon79 View Post
                Hmm...I actually thought I was doing too little haha. I will think about maybe doing alternate days of 400's and 100's. Good idea, guys! Thanks !!!
                Do you do any upper body work? If not you might want to add some bodyweight work such as pull ups, push ups etc. You might be surprised how much increased upper body strength can positively affect your running.