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10 Miles on August 28th

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  • 10 Miles on August 28th

    Last year I did the same run and started training a month and a half before. However, I had been running longer distances (6+ miles) prior to starting training so it wasnt that big of a deal. I have just started the Primal lifestyle (2 weeks ago) and have been doing sprints and light weights for the past 4 months. I have not done a 3+ mile straight run (sprints added up to over 3 miles) yet but am planning on it this week. I will see how I feel, but does anyone have a training plan they could send me or let me know about or simply any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Hey wildema1. A suggested training plan.

    I think most won't agree with me but I think if you run almost everyday and do interval training something like 4-5 days a week and 2 days off, you should be good to go. It should look something like this and mileage will depend on how much your body can handle and I will assume 5 miles no problem.

    Monday : Run 5 miles but in intervals, SPRINT LIKE CRAZY!!!
    Tuesday : Run same route but in nice steady pace. (endurance)
    Wednesday : Take a break... or not
    Thursday: Same thing as day 1.
    Friday: Long distance as much as you can handle and just steady pace. Perhaps jog 6 miles nice and steady.

    I would suggest doing this in the morning, as soon as you wake up, get enough water and do a quick stretch and then go run like a mad person, and then you have the rest of the day to restore your glycogen's.

    As for the weights, just keep doing the way you are doing them and maybe you can do them in the evening when you feel replenished or on any other day.

    Just my thoughts and suggestions.

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      I belong to a group that turns out very successful distance runners. A week would look like this:

      Sat. - Gradually increasing long distances at a slower pace than you want to go.
      Sun. - Some light exercise, not on your feet. Easy bike ride or swimming.
      Mon. - Cross-training.
      Tues. - Sprints. Push it.
      Wed. - Keep active but mostly rest.
      Thur. - Light sprints.
      Fri. - Rest your legs.
      Start over.

      Doesn't seem like enough? Re-read Mark on exercise. Less is more. Your body only grows stronger when you rest.


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        Thanks Ernst & Harry! Very helpful. You are right Harry, it doesnt seem like enough, but I will have to give it a try. I am just always so nervous that I wont be as prepared as I want to be. Thanks again to both of you.


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          Originally posted by Harry View Post
          Mon. - Cross-training.
          examples of cross-training are?
          I didn't like the rules you gave me, so I made some of my own.

          Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. - Mark Rippetoe


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            Just about anything besides running and walking. Swimming, biking, weights, yoga. Anything you think would improve your overall health or be fun.


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              Although it is more effective if you are doing crossfit as well, but it will help you out without spending hours of your life running for nothing. Short, sweet and to the point. This program works and you don't log hours and hours and miles and miles. It does have some longer runs occasionally but for the most part it is not the type of training you would expect for people training for tri's, marathons and ultras.