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Hi everyone, I'm new to Paleo and I have a 50 mile run, some tips would be great

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  • Hi everyone, I'm new to Paleo and I have a 50 mile run, some tips would be great

    So I just started my Paleo diet to improve my athletic performance about a month ago and I feel really good. Gave my body some time to adjust and just started jogging last night. It was really hard but after 20 minutes of agony my body started adjusting and I felt like I could go on for a lot longer. Pretty good for not having jogged in weeks. I would say I was running at about 8-9mph and was doing great and I definitely felt great.

    To all the marathoners that have run 50miles, I am curious at what average speed were you running at? 7mph? 6? And how long did it take you to finish the 50 miles, as I am soon going to run 50 miles in the coming month and would like some input from someone experienced in running and PB. The math says that it would take a little under 8 hrs to finish 50 miles at a pace of 7mph. I'm assuming it is recommended to slow down the pace and then get back into rhythm and speed. Would you finish the whole 50miles or would you take a break half way and snack on something? I'm not new to running but this will be a first for me to run over 20miles and also on super low carb, compared to my old diet, CARBO LOADDDD!!!

    My diet is simple but very strict paleo, no dairy, no grain, no starches, no salt & only natural occurring sugars . I eat about 2-3 fruits a day, lots of varied vegetables, wide variety of mixed nuts and seeds (paleo) and I make sure I get all my fats and then some. I probably average about 50-60 carbs a day, sometimes, lower and often not much higher. I could easily cut back on fruits to only 1 a day (should I)? which would leave my carb intake to under 25g but I feel I might be malnourished if I don't get enough fruits!!! lol.

    My protein is usually 2 eggs cooked to order in the morning, big thing of chicken for lunch, and then a cut of, meat, poultry or fish. Any meat that I desire that day. That gives me an average protein intake of around 100-110g. I'm 5'6, 125 and lean.

    How is my diet? How should I prepare in the morning such as my breakfast if I am going to go on the 50mile run that day? Would I have to worry about my body using my muscle as energy or no? I see a lot of people working out on a fasted state and its a normal thing to them so I'm curious would it be similar in this case besides the extra mileage, lol. What kind of Vibram FF should I get as I see there are quite a few and I don't know the differences? I never tried them yet either but I'll make sure that I get the right size.

    And sorry for the long message, I just want to be thorough but don't want to get flamed and be known as a noob. I do want to be part of the community but I don't want to join and make a fool out of myself.

    Oh and my name is David and I am from California, NICE TO MEET YOU ALL!!


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    a double marathon? on two months training?


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      Yeah perhaps. My concern are my joints, would it take the punishment, which I'm sure it would. I am/was a daily 10k runner and would do plenty of sprinting in between the run. I'm not worried about the distance, just the correct diet and the time it would take to finish, so that would be the mental preparation.


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        I am not a runner, but if you are worried about your joints research barefoot running, vibram fivefingers etc. You'd have to teach yourself to run in a different manner, see for a starter.

        Good luck!


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          Yeah, I'm actually getting some Vibram Five fingers but I'm new to these kind of shoes. Don't know which one to pick.


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            50 miles? Holy crap!

            Oh, and hello from a fellow Californian.
            Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

            - Robert Louis Stevenson


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              Well good luck! To me that sounds just hellish and very unhealthy, are you sure you wouldnt rather go backpacking 50 miles on the pac crest trail? Different strokes for different folks I guess. One thing I do like about PB though is there is no pretense that something like that will be good for you.
              If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                Hello to you too fellow neighbor. Yes I would love to backpack it but maybe next time. I just picked up a pair of brown Vibram FF KSO Treks and.. THEY ARE AMAZING. I was so excited running around jumping on things like a little kid again. I bought them at my sports ltd in Redding, Ca, and the girl that helped me was really nice and she actually used VFF's also. I didn't realize that it's actually more mainstream than I could have imagined.

                Now back to my original question, anyone with the experience can give me a helping hand?
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                  Food wise, a friend of mine trained for and ran a marathon using dried cranberries. They were compact enough that they were easily carried and she was able to grab some every few miles. She ALWAYS ate a bagel w/ peanut butter pre-run so I really can't see you going that route, but the dried fruit is good. I take dried cranberries and raisins sometimes on my longer bike rides and find them to give me a nice boost when I'm really dragging ass.
                  Whatever you decide to use though for pre-race/day before meals, make sure you train with those so you don't have any nasty 'surprises' come race day.

                  I'm not a distance runner so I really can't comment on any of the other stuff, good luck with the race though, that will be quite the accomplishment!!


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                    Hey, Thanks for the tips Pokiey and thank you for understanding what I am trying to accomplish and prove to myself . I'll try the dried cranberries next weekend when I go for my practice run, and probably just 1 banana with almond butter.

                    Just curious, do you engage in any sports?


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                      I ran a 33 mile race in February (in 5 inches of snow) I did around 6mph at the start. By the end much slower...don't know how slow but I ended up with a run walk strategy by mile 20. This was a trail run. When you are running this kind of distance and you are new to PB then I wouldn't stick with a primal diet on race day. I would use anything at my disposable from Gels to potatoes dipped in salt. One day of this will not set you back that much and your body will thank you for the energy.


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                        Originally posted by Ernst View Post
                        Hey, Thanks for the tips Pokiey and thank you for understanding what I am trying to accomplish and prove to myself . I'll try the dried cranberries next weekend when I go for my practice run, and probably just 1 banana with almond butter.

                        Just curious, do you engage in any sports?
                        Do I play sports? Nothing 'formal' at the moment, but I've played baseball my whole life. I run, nothing too long though I'm training to run a 10k next month. This season I've really gotten into cycling, I can't seem get enough of it! Also re: the banana/almond butter thing, I tried this yesterday before a 2.5hr ride in wicked heat and I had really great energy! I will definitely be using that again.


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                          I'm pretty sure that Mark says somewhere that you can't do a marathon, let alone 50 miles, without extra carbs. Can't find it right at the moment. The most I have done is a half marathon. I consider more than that nuts. Hehe. But, as Mark says, if that's your passion, do it. But find carbs that you can handle ahead of time.

                          Most runners don't want to do energy products that require chewing. You need your mouth open to get all the oxygen you can. I used gels when I did the half. You can get ones that are quite pure. Some people don't like gels though. You need to find something that doesn't upset your digestion, especially being primal.

                          If you are going to "carb up," the most important time is two nights before the run. You can, of course, do fairly primal stuff like sweet potatoes. On the morning of the run, you are just "topping off the tank." Before the half, I had a banana. (I wasn't doing anything like primal at that time.)

                          If you have always worn conventional shoes, don't even think about doing distance in any "barefoot shoes" until you have adapted to them.

                          Good luck!!!


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                            Thanks for the tips guys. I used to eat a lot of mashed potatoes when I was training. We all know PB says not to eat starch but most of the primal athletes do for glycogen replenishment and storage purposes.

                            Would there be any negative effects of sweet potatoes in my diet? I think I would only eat them when I get done with a hard days of training or a day or 2 before a long run. Any other time, I will be strict paleo.


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                              Yeah Pokiey, I bet you had lots of energy with the almond banana. I'm super excited to try it but I don't feel like spoiling myself trying it right now until I actually need to it. I'm already eating ton's of meats which I wasn't able to do before.