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    Anyone else here love doing 5k's? I have ran two, finished them in 24:19 and then 22:59. Would really like to up my training and break 20 mins. I'm aiming for something like one tempo, one distance, and one sprint run a week along with my 2 or 3 heavy lifting sessions. Any ideas or thoughts you guys and girls have would be great!! Like should i still do heavy squats with those 3 running sessions a week or would the squats be over kill and not help me get faster?

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    I do a heavy leg workout and a light leg workout once a week and try to make it so I have at least 8 days between heavy days. (Ex. If I lifted heavy on Monday I would wait until the following Tuesday or Wednesday before I would go really heavy again). I've been doing so along with running 2-3 times a week and have cut my 5k time from almost 40 mins about 2 months ago to 28 mins as of this morning. My immediate goal is sub 25 mins and then I'll go from there.

    My point is that it works for me, I don't run the day of or the day after a heavy workout and I have had no issues so really it's worth a shot.


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      thanks for the advice Pokiey! that sounds pretty good.


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        I am a huge fan of 5K's. I did 5 last summer and ran in 5 earlier this year before summer. My best time is 21:04.

        I did not do anything special in the past to train for them. I just never over did it and was able to steadily improve my time.

        I have been primal for 2.5 months but have only ran in one 5K during that time. As far as fitness goes I currently lift heavy things 3 day a week. I do push-ups, pull-ups and squats and thats it. Once a month I do the primal blueprint fitness challenge. You can check out the videos on my blog.

        I also do a long distance 5 mile "run" about once a week. I run over to my sisters boyfriends house to let the dog out - it is 2.5 miles there and then 2.5 miles back so I take about a 10-15 minute break halfway. I cross roads and therefore stop a lot. I walk, jog, run, and sprint sometimes during this run.

        I now do 2 HIIT sessions per week. I enjoy jumping jacks, sprinting, skipping, running backwards, jump rope, etc. I have also added balance to my fitness regimen as well recently.

        This is what I do... I hope it helps!

        Also, I go barefoot often and run in my vibrams too. I may do a 4.2 mile race on the 4th and will be running in my vibrams.
        Find me at Cheers!


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          Dosenberry, thats a great 5k time, would love to hit that mark at my next one, coming up in august. i like a lot of the things you do, was going to check out your blog but i didnt see a link for it. vibrams are on my wish list! i want a pair so bad, i have a couple of friends who have them.


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            I spent some time chasing a 5k goal. The most helpful workout I did in preparation was intervals. I would break down the 5k into 400, 800 or 1600m intervals and run each interval at my goal race pace. So when I started the training I was running 12x400 at 1:35 (20 minute 5k pace) with a 60 second rest between intervals. When I was good with that I decreased the rest to 30 seconds, then ran 6x800 with a 60 second rest, etc., ending with 3x1600 with a 30 second rest -- then the final race. It was a great tool for me to learn what pace I needed to run at and how it felt when I was both fresh and fatigued. It was a fun Spring/Summer chasing that goal. Good luck with yours!

            FWIW, I did the intervals once a week and mixed it with a long run and my typical weightlifting stuff.