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Would this be primal?

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  • Would this be primal?

    Taking a loaded bar on your shoulders and going on a walk on a inclined tread mill.

    It would probably mimic Grok very well. I would think walking this way for about 30minutes a day would be a great exercise.

    I have been thinking about what to do about my squat. I don't have access to a squat cage and no companions, who train like me. I have been doing the steinborne lift. But that is difficult/dangerous to increase without a helper.

    I am thinking this exercise although not as good as the squat will probably build a very strong core.

    And it seems very near to primal life style, minus the tread mill part. But walking with a bar around your neighbourhood will look a bit insane ;-).

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    i don't see why not but i would think a loaded rucksack and hike in the woods/mountains could be more fun/inspirational

    try doing the front and overhead squat as they use less wait and are great variations ie just using whatever weig you can clean and press. also 5 sets of 20 squats is cool.


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      I do squats with a sandbag.

      Just buy a duffle bag or similar from an army/navy type outlet and put as much sand in it as you want.

      Then you can just throw it on your shoulders and do squats. It's very easy to add more sand as you get stronger.

      I take a bag of sand for a walk to the park and do squats with it. It's about 130lb now.

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        Living in the concrete jungle, makes it a bit difficult to hike in the woods.

        That dufflebag idea looks appealing. I could use a simple sand bag also.


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          Here's a good tutorial on how to construct a good, durable one. This is how I made mine.