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Can increasing cardio burn just fat?

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  • Can increasing cardio burn just fat?

    I was wondering if, hypothetically speaking, i made my caloric intake less than 200 calories and exercised and burned 300 calories, would that be taking away from my fat deposit or muscle... or something else? I'm about 6'1'' and 220. Majority is muscle, but I really want to burn pretty much strait fat. Is this a good or bad idea? (I'm not concerned with my weight, just the amount if fat being lost.


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    Fat and Muscle.


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      Don't exercise to burn calories, that's CW at its worst.
      Just move (some slow cardio, and resistance HIIT), do it fasted but eat reasonably well after you are done with the moving. You can slightly go under your caloric requirements to lose weight but remember: muscles are active metabolically. They always burn some energy even at rest. If you eat 200 cal, that's just not gonna happen as you expect.


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        extra exercise to burn calories works on the short term very well., it just isn't a long-term maintainable strategy. but for someone prepping for a show or trying to lose a couple of vanity lbs, added exercise is pretty effective.

        thing is, you need to make sure you're getting adequate protein, because like oldschool said, you will burn muscle as well.

        slight dietary adjustment is the best way to go. a fine tune of dropping 100 calories a day will add up to fat loss.