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Excercise and Low Carb Flu

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  • Excercise and Low Carb Flu

    Hello everyone, my name is Jacob. I would like to get some input on the first few weeks living Primal.Currently I am almost one week in and my head aches and my body feels run down. It is a painful process swapping over, but I was prepared since I have done this before either switching to a three month low carb diet or starting my one year raw food challenge, but coming off of two years eating the every day American diet is pretty rough.

    On to the questions:

    During the transition to Primal, should I worry about sprints, lifting heavy things, and hard play?


    Coming from a pretty sedentary lifestyle, will the extra stress be too much to handle while going through the "Flu"?

    I know that these are pretty simple and are probably somewhere in the book, but I'm still waiting on the FedEx guy to bring it.

    I would also love any tips for those coming from a more sedentary lifestyle. I already park in the back of parking lots when shopping, carry out my purchases rather that use a shopping cart, walk around the warehouse at work (I work a desk job), and walk to the store that is a mile from my house once or twice a week, but I would love some options to get outside and make sure I'm meeting my 3-5 hours of moving slow. The more options I have, the more likely I will get out there and do them.

    Thank you all for your time.

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    Take it easy on yourself. When adapting to a normal human diet (that is, one not swimming with simple carbohyrates) there's an adaptation period. Try upping your salt intake if you like (Volek and Phinney recommend this) to lessen "low carb flu." Also they recommend backing off a bit on exercise during the first coupel weeks and then adding activity back in. Drink more water.

    I drank a cup or two of chicken broth (I used Knorr, best tasting) a day when adapting and it reallyhelped.

    Doc Jim
    10/2/12: 169 lbs, 37"waist
    Now: low 150's, 33" waist


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      Thank you for the tips. I just got home from a great walk through a portion of the River Walk to find my copy of The Primal Blueprint on my porch. 8000 steps and great reading seem to have eased the headache a bit. I find it really interesting that the walk helped so much. Maybe getting my mind off of what I'm missing and getting some fresh air and vitamin D was just what the doctor ordered.

      I will definitely try the chicken broth over the next week. I guess I just didn't think the Flu would hit this hard since I'm coming off of a carb cycling diet, but after the walk I really feel great. I think the thing that amazes me most is that I had the energy to keep going even though I haven't pushed myself to walk long distances in a while. My goal is to finish all of the sections of the river walk before I return to work on Friday.

      On a humorous side note, I spoke with my "trainer" today. He was the one that sold me into the Vemma brand and man was he upset about the changes. He kept peddling the product, saying I needed to keep my carb intake up and needed all the nutrients ect that the vemma plan provided, but he couldn't give me any real reason. I'm so glad to have that extra $125 a month for more real food. Good by crazy shakes and "detox" and hello grade A grass fed bliss.


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        Take it easy with exercise during the transition. When I was transitioning, I would go on a short, easy walk when I thought I was ready for exercise. If this walk made me feel totally spent and starving, I knew it was too soon. When I was able to walk for a bit without feeling miserable, I started increasing the duration of my walks and now I'm ready to add in sprints and lifting.


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          Luckily the walk didn't leave me feeling spent or anything. My legs are a little worked, but nothing uncomfortable.

          I actually broke one of the things I've been reading because it didn't feel right. This morning I had an egg and two thing sliced "breakfast" steaks with a salad, and even after the walk, errands, ect, I still wasn't hungry. At 6 (9 hours after breakfast) I ate another meal because I got worried about not being hungry. I had been drinking tons of water all day but I didn't know if it was normal to go almost all day on one meal and never feel hunger pains, growling, or even think about food.

          I know that is more nutrition based, but for me this all ties in to the fact that even without the food, I was able to lower my "flu" symptoms with the exercise and water. Maybe once I'm used to eating and exercising this way I will have a better schedule.


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            Yes, I know that sounds strange, but eating low carb 5 days a week (50g or less) and only having 2 high carb days made me think the transition wouldn't effect me as much. Looking back that is probably not all that caused it since I ate oats, whole wheat, or some type of grain every day to make whatever my target carbs were. I'm still working my way through the Primal Blueprint and learning more about my body, but it takes some time to replace all of the CW.

            On a fitness related note, I'm feeling pretty good today, but my legs are a little worn. I'm about to head out to the trail again but may not make my goal. This is more of a reminder for me that it's gonna be ok to stop even if I don't hit 10k steps in one go.