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  • Fasted Morning Walks

    Anyone have any experience with fasted morning walks? Did they make a noticeable difference in your fat burning progress?

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    99% of the time I do fasted 3 mile bike-commutes to work. Don't know if they help any fat burning stuff, but they're not unpleasant in any way.



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      I do 16:8 fasting daily. I take my dog for either a 30 minute walk or hour hike every morning first thing out of bed and don't eat till 4-5 hours after that. I'm already at a lower weight though, so I'm unsure if it's helping to lean me out? It's my understanding that fasted workouts are really just preference vs. a aid in weightloss? But I could be wrong. Not all that up to date on that stuff.
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        I made it a point to wake up and do a mile and a half fasted walk every morning (I did usually have a cup of black coffee) for a month. After 30 days I'd lost 5 lbs. and that was the only change to my daily routine that I made. More than the weight loss, I felt great for having done it. It's a fantastic way to start your day. The only reason that I stopped was because winter was starting to set in and it was getting too cold (and dark) to walk at 5:30 a.m. before work every morning. Now that Spring is upon us I plan to start implementing daily walks into my schedule again. Definitely recommend it as a way to get your blood moving in the morning, lose a few pounds (pretty easily), get some fresh air, and have some time to yourself to think before the day begins.
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          Just to be Clear Fasted walks is when you wake up in the morning DO NOT eat anything or take any calories in. Your body is already in a fat burning state and so by doing some form of cardio first thing in the morning your body will target your fat and burn that off.
          Well This works for me For sure
          I wake up 1 hr before and Drink one LARGE glass of water to get your metabolism started, you are also dehydrated anyways after sleeping for the last 8 hours.. so this is a very important step to your morning routine.Also Dont Forget to Carry your CAP to Protect yourself from SUN.
          Come back home and make a good healthy breakfast. Breakfast should be your largest meal of the day ALWAYS. You will start dropping pounds in no time with this morning routine.
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            Exercising fasted can be beneficial.
            Pros: Your muscle cells will learn to hang onto glycogen and burn fat preferentially.
            The fat burning will mean you lose bodyfat.
            Cons: Cortisol is highest when you wake up and elevating it further with strenuous exercise can result in muscle wastage.
            You may come home and eat way more as a result of being hungrier.
            What to do: don't go mad with running in the morning just gentle paced stuff. Eat plenty of protein for breakfast rather than carbs as you won't be hungry for a good three hours.
            I regularly do 16-20 hr fasts and just get on with my regular HIIT or lifting workouts. I eat carbs in the evening on days when I have done a workout and eat plenty of healthy fats. I don't have energy crises and although I am pretty hungry after a fasted weightlifting session I can easily cope with my day to day stuff.
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              Originally posted by David_Hobdell View Post
              Breakfast should be your largest meal of the day ALWAYS.
              Ah bon ? Since when ? I guess I am screwed up since my breakfast has been black coffee for ages ...