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    You realize a third of every running magazine is devoted to injuries, right?

    It's my guilty pleasure to read them in waiting rooms.

    Just making sure we are all on the same page...pun intended.

    Wait wait wait...but YOU have been doing it 30 years and you are FINE. Haha

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    Too much too soon, improper footwear, improper nutrition, being too overweight to start with, and muscle imbalances.
    --I've worked running retail for the past 7 years and these are almost always the culprits. I don't think it's running as much as it is people being too overzealous. It takes a long(er) time for the muscles/ligaments to adapt to an exercise compared to the cardiovascular system. I think running also takes a huge hit b/c this is the typical starting exercise for most people just coming off of the couch.


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      Can weightlifting not cause injury through improper form, or by over zealous loading? With the human population the way it is, someone somewhere WILL injure themselves doing whatever it is they do out of sheer ignorance.


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        I don't feel like trolling anymore.

        It was a passing fancy.


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          Every runner has nagging injuries. I have a love hate relationship with my post medial tendon behind my knee. Sometimes I'm fine, sometimes it hurts. If it hurts, I still run and loosens up after the first mile


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            Sounds fun.