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    I was a former PL for 16 years and found CF/paleo/mobiltywod about a year or so ago. im just in love with the whole concept and its made a huge difference in my life. I was at barnes and noble tonight and ran across and bought the primal blue print book. at first glance it looks a lot like what what im doing EXCEPT the sprinting. Im really curious about this part. do you sprint every day? how far? it looks like you can sprint on the bike? anyway, lots of questions and im sure its in the book. im just impatient and its late. thanks for letting me stop by, mike.

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    Sprinting is a max-effort workout. Do it once, maybe twice a week at most. Every other week is okay too. The rule says "Sprint Occasionally". It has really high recovery demands.

    I do 4-6 sprints, none of them are ever more than 30 seconds. If I do them outside (which is most of the time) the longest ones are about 20 seconds, and get shorter on subsequent reps.