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  • Has Anyone Tried Nike+

    So I've been hearing more about the Nike+ system that you can use in conjunction with your iPod to track your runs. I'm not a runner but I've sorta come up with a long term goal to get myself in good enough shape to pass the physical requirements of joining up with the military, running required.

    I was thinking this system might be useful for helping me track my progress (can't keep it simple - god forbid) so was wondering if anyone uses it and what they think of it.

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    Nike Ipod+ changed my life 3 years ago, I was a walker and I was shopping for a pedometer and came across the kit. I already owned an IPod so I thought for twenty-five dollars, this was a great deal. I started with the Nike+ website and found it to run slow but the community of runners was great and they offered running and walking challenges created my other runners. I started to enter some and became obsessed, I love to win I turned into a runner and haven't stopped. I was directed to another running site that would sync your NIke+ runs to theirs, RUNNER+ became my first choice of sites. It was faster, friendlier and had a better community to interact with others AND it's FREE!

    There are other great sites that sync with the Ipod+ too , to name a few-DailyMIle, MapMyRun and RunSaturday.

    I think for twenty-five dollars it's a great pedometer! Best part,Lance Armstrong or Paula Radcliff cheers you on after a great walk or run, how cool is that?

    Also, you really don't need to buy Nike shoes for this kit, I just wear a little pocket thingy on my laces that holds the sensor and I'm good to go. I'm not a fan of their shoes but I'm am a HUGE fan of the Nike IPod+

    If you join Runner+, add me as a friend!



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      Here are some of those sites that you can sync with


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        Thanks Clayberg! I was wondering about the necessity of the shoes because I can't find Nike shoes that fit me - glad there's an alternative. I'm hoping I can even use the system with my vibram five fingers.

        If I take the plunge I'll definitely add you! Thanks again for the info!


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          I used one a couple of years ago (before I stopped running), here are some observations:

          Depending on the shoe and insoles you may be able to cut out a spot in about the same location where it's placed in the Nike shoes

          Even calibrated I found the system to be quite inaccurate. Errors of larger than 10% in distance where not uncommon. Running on a track at an even pace may yield better results, but running in hilly terrain (like I did) with change of pace and step size the error was large.

          So if knowing the exact pace and distance is important you may be better of with a GPS based system (much more expensive though). If it's more about fun and some motivation or if you run an even pace/step size it may work for you.