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  • Housekeeping & Fitness + Nutritional advice needed

    Hi there

    I will start off by giving my stats lol. Im 27yrs old 5ft 5in tall and 136Lbs with 28% body fat. Mom of a 6yr old.

    Im new to the forums, but not new to primal eating, or should I say, non processed food eating? I havent touched SAD in ages. I decided to go ahead and post because I need some help figuring this out. I have lost loads of weight in the last 5 years (from 275Lbs to 136Lbs, with 80 of those being in the last year and a half), however Im carrying lots of body fat.I can tell by my reflection, feel and also my scale claims it to be 28% (I understand it wouldnt be very accurate). I am also insulin resistant, even a few strawberries will cause ridiculous hunger and a giant leap on the scale, which is why Im here. Im trying to repair the mess I have made of my metabolism (I will spare you details lol), and im just ready to fix this after so long. I thought it would go away by now, but it isnt. I have been losing the same 10Lbs over and over for the last few months. Im not fixed on any number, I just want my actual fat gone and a bit of muscle built as I know for sure, i lost a great deal of muscle during my weight loss. A bit of insluin resistance searches led me to the primal blueprint. I have know it is there, I was just busy doing what worked for me at the time and finally its time to change things up and it seems promising to aid in my metabolism repair and in building a little muscle+physical strength.

    Ok enough history, my main concern is THIS: I am a housekeeper. 3-4 days per week I clean for a minimum of 6 hours each time. Some weeks are very heavy, some are a bit lighter, but I am on my feet and moving from 5AM (to get everything ready) until 8PM, after dinner. I dont really get to rest up until the weekend. Anyway, I was told by a nutritionist that my line of work isnt considered a workout. I understand I wouldnt be building muscle, but I am EXHAUSTED by the time Friday shows up. When I get home every day, I cant be bothered to do much else because Im so tired, it is heavy work, even on the light days. I dont just wipe a few counters, I clean houses from top to bottom, every nook and cranny so i use my entire body. Lots of squatting, bending, reaching and even climbing lol.

    Question 1: How do I incorporate this into my caloric intake? So far Im consuming about 2000 cals per day give or take. 60-70% fat 13% protein and remainder would be carbs, and I am staying in one place, measurements are the same as well. inb4 dont count calories, I just started doing this BECAUSE, I gain very easily and for the time being it is good for me. I dont plan on doing it forever, never been a fan. I have been known to put on 10Lbs in a matter of 2 weeks, doing low carb so, I need to know what is going on if I am to fix this.

    Question 2: Is being so active really not counting towards anything? Under-eating has also crossed my mind believe it or not, Im just unsure how or where to place my physical activity and nutritional needs while not trying to maintain.

    Question 3: How do I incorporate my PBF into my lifestyle. Can I use the time I work as my *move frequently at a slow pace* time ? My heart rate doesnt go up enough (only during bathroom scrubbing and mopping) to be considered aerobics, but considering Im moving without stops for 6+ hours, wouldnt it still be moving frequently at a slow pace?

    If I did use my working days as my move frequently part of PBF, then all I would have left to do are the lift heavy things and sprints.

    Question 4: Can I still get a carb flu even though I havent touched grains, legumes or anything outside the primal foods for 2 years? Only thing I havent cut out until now is a very small amount of fruit and bam im in ketosis and am now ill. haha!

    I apologize for the novel, and really truly appreciate the time you are giving by reading and responding.

    - Nusaybah

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    Heya and welcome.

    Can I ask how to pronounce your name? I love interesting names.

    Ok first off forget what you were told, that day is a fracking workout. No wonder you are tired. I would add in some walking on days when you are not working but yeah you're good.

    13% protein? really? wow uhhh hmmmm eat more. I would switch your macros around a bit. 30-35% of cal from protein 50% fats and the rest carbs from veggies and with that workout everyday you will need carbs so sweet potato or white rice. You may have to fiddle with protein/carbs to get a good balance so experiment.

    2000 kcal a day is likely wayy too low. I would go up to 2500-3000 for a few months and see what happens. It may be a tad high or a tad too low still.

    Your meals should be centered around a big dose of protein and fat with carbs as a side. ( calorie wise anyways).

    Aside from your cool name, what culture do you come from? Different cultures approach meat and protein differently so my big slab o roast beast with a huge salad on the side might not be what floats your boat. My ex wife was Iranian and the idea of eating meat whole like that was just plain weird. ( she stewed everything) However you do it, Eat more food.

    have fun.
    Primal since April 2012 Male 6' 3" SW 345lbs CW 240lbs GW 220lbs and when I get there I am getting a utlikilt. This one actually.

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      -More protein, less fat, more carbs. What can it hurt to try?
      -Too much fat can sometimes keep people (esp. women, from testimonials I've read time and time again on this site) from losing weight, even if their calories are under expenditure.
      -I could see how your job would definitely be moving frequently at a slow pace. Hopefully with some dietary adjustments, you'll gain a bit more energy to try some weight-lifting & sprinting in your off-hours.
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        Thank you for your quick responses!

        @warmbear it is pronounced noos-ai-bah, its Arabic name But Im Mexican and Spanish sooooo we do meat slabs and stews too haha!

        Ok This is a breakdown of my macros, it looks more or less the same daily, on a couple of days my protein was a bit higher this week. I try to listen to my body more than writing things down and on days I know I worked like a horse, I indulge a little more in protein.

        Fat: 170g Carbs: 75g Protein 70g

        I try not to go over 100g of protein because I dont want insulin problems (and as far as I understand, over consumption of protein does just this). As I said, i have put on lots of weight on low carb (10Lbs in 2 weeks or less), I was ingesting around 150g of protein then, probably a bit more that went unreported , doing the same physical work, that is the only thing I did different from what I am doing now diet wise. So far, 7 days of journaling and keeping protein under 100g and no real gain, Im at 137 now but its that time of the month so, im sure that has something to do with it.

        Carbs, I also want to keep under 100g,My aim is to burn this excess fat off and increase muscle just a tad, and thats what the carb curve says, I fall well in that so I dont see a need to increase my carb amount, do you? At this point my concern is my exercise and caloric intake, and fixing my insulin resistance. I have no clue as to how tough my job is on my body, if Im stressing it or not giving it enough or too much. I am winging it right now, which is why im posting. Obviously my workout (my job) isn't good enough physical activity or else I wouldn't still be dealing with excess fat and insulin resistance at 137, so I must build muscle.

        Basically ... I dont know what to do, even though I do... Im so confused. If I was new to t his way of eating I would understand my confusion lol, but Im not. At this point its urgent to fix my metabolic issues and Im so tired of experimenting with my body, Iguess I need to vent a bit. Its been a tough five years and the last year and a half has been incredibly isolated for me :| I could go on. Anyway, Could I really be under eating? If I am going to increase my physical activity (by doing PBF) will i be fine at 2000 cals? When I plug in 8 hous of Moderate general cleaning for 8 hours I show 1835 calories burnt. Is it really that much? I know these calculators are just ball park. All im tryingt o to is get in a groove so I can get rid of the counters and all that and just enjoy the rest of my journey.

        Personally i feel thats just too much, but I am psychologically scarred lol as I lost a huge chunk of weight on VLCD sooooooo. HALP!

        I know you all have probably read this kind of stuff more times than you would like, and I apologize for rambling XD

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          The carb curve is a general guideline. Some people do well following it, others do not.

          I don't think you need to worry about protein that much. At your height/weight, I think 150 g is too much, but under 100 g may be too little.

          Overall, you need to be willing to experiment! We don't know your body so only you can make the changes & see what happens.
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            Yeah, I think I will stick to the 100g range. Maybe I am a tad too low on it, I just baked a chicken and as soon as it came out of the oven I just had to have some, mind you, at this time i cannot taste anything (sinus infection) so it isnt a flavor or mouth satisfaction, I just really felt like I needed a good serving. Perhaps recovering from the week (it was quite heavy this week).

            Anyway, I wish I could say I know my body lol, but frankly it feels (and is) a new body and Im unsure how to treat it or what to do. Im petrified of putting back what I have gotten rid of with so much effort. If anyone else has some pointers please pitch in. Im just looking for some support and suggestions (as everyone else here lol).

            Will the basic PBF routine be enough for me for now? So I master the 4 basic movements first right? Sprint once per week or every 10 days, and Im counting my cleaning as my moving 3-4 times per week.

            Sound like a good plan?



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              Hey there! I have had GREAT success this week with intermittent fasting. It's nothing radical. I have kept my calories and macros more or less the same but I stop eating by 6pm. Then I eat the next morning whenever I'm hungry - usually after I've dropped the kids at school. I've been primal since October and have only lost 4pounds. I've been lifting heavy so I thought maybe it's just taking a bit longer for my body to catch up to being a fat burning machine. Well, I lost 10 pounds this week! Yep, this week!! I thought my scale was broken so I weighed in 4 times!! I have done nothing more than shrink my eating window. Because I've been primal for a few months, I know it's not water weight. Whatever has happened, my body likes it. So...maybe consider that. It sounds like you're as active as you need to be so I don't think that's you're problem. Let me know if you try it. ;-) And your progress so far is freaking AWESOME!! You go!!