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Low levels of energy and being Primal

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  • Low levels of energy and being Primal

    I've been following the PB wisdom for almost a month now. At first my energy levels were fantastic. I had some sugar cravings in the form of fruits but was able to keep them at bay. My workouts (p90x) still went well. No injuries or fatigue. Then about 2 weeks ago, I decided to kick some fat loss into high gear; I tried to get into keytosis. My carbs were only from my big ass salads and a few berries a day, but other than that, trying to get body fat to do its thing. I seemed fine for a few days, but I noticed that I started to lose energy really fast. My sleep patterns were also lacking as well. I've get 9-10 hours of sleep and I also notices that 20 minutes into a regularly performed P90X workout, I'd be so winded and wasted I had to stop. I get the whole "don't exhaust yourself by doing strenuous working out" perspective, but before I was doing P90X Doubles and sometimes doing a MoveNat type workout. Now I am losing steam in the first 15 min of a run, set of push ups or even pull ups.

    Today I decided to add 1 piece of stone fruit to my breakfasts and dinner. Just to see if a wee bit more natural carbs would do it. I won't know until a few days from now.

    Has anyone had this experience? I am only asking because I was actually kind of scared. I mean I was doing the "Core Synergistic X" workout and the first part of staggered hand push ups I used to do 35, lately I can only do 15-20.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Edit: I've been doing P90X for 8 months now. I kicked grains 2 months ago.


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      What are your resting days like? Do you have any?

      My first inclination is that, even though you've dialed down your strenuous workouts, it still may be too much.

      In my experience, I've seen people go through this when their body is basically saying "I need a thorough rest and refeed".

      You may want to just take a 1 week 'primal' vacation. Try to keep within 50 - 100 carbs/ day and only do basic walking.

      See if your body responds well to that.


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        A little bit more information on your daily ranges would be helpful.

        I can't really give an answer here because I'm only approaching my second week of PB, however, my first week I went into ketosis for just one day and it was kicking my butt three days after.

        I was passing out from lack of energy and my brain was just shutting down on me I hated it so bad that I haven't experimented with it ever since. I can't really say if the lack of carbs affected me that much or it was because I was only in my first week of BP and my body still wasn't used to use fat as a fuel.

        However, I agree with the previous post. Less might be more here. If could try going into ketosis again but ease up on P90X. For example, do upper and lower body sessions 2 times a day and get more carbs on those days. Take the rest of the week easy and just do some low-impact excercise that will not drain you out as much. I think you might see some nice results by shifting gears a little bit.


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          I was feeling this way when I started 2 1/2 months ago but when I added some fasting my energy levels went through the roof!

          I've experimented with 24 hour fasts (which gave me the biggest energy surge but I was really hungry towards the end) and 12-18 hour fasts (eating primarily in the evening) and I have to say the later is better for me. I do this 2-3 times a week (or more if I feel I need it) and my energy levels stay perfect and I'm losing fat steadily as well as gaining muscle.

          Good luck!


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            Listen to your body, don't try to follow one plan just because you think it's the best one. There are numerous ways to enlightenment. Eat the way that makes you feel great. I say experiment with your diet. Balance your meals in different ways (ie heavy meats and non starchy vegetables, lighter meats and tons of vegetables, fish and root vegetables, etc) and see how much energy you have 2 to 4 hours after the meal.

            On slowing down your exercises - if you don't feel energized by your exercise, you're not doing it right. You should feel more awake and alert after exercise.


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              Thanks all!

              Sorry not to be more specific on my diet. Well I was getting in 2400 calories a day but that was on the CW diet of 20% fat / 40% carbs / 40% Proteins. Ever since I read PB about 2 months ago, I've cut out grains and legumes, skipped counting calories and been buying all organic and fresh fruits and veggies. Meats are from usually the farm direct or our local farmers market and I know what the animals ate.

              I have been following macro nutrients and I can say that I am around 50-60% fats (but that is not counting the fat that I am cooking with as I can not account for how much fat is left in a pan after cooking; i.e. butter cooking eggs) and about 10% carbs from veggies and fruits and about 30-40% proteins. I am using LoseIt for the iPhone but I am trying to not obsess about it.

              I used to eat every 4 hours, now I am eating only 3 main meals, and a snack here and there but they are usually coconut flakes or seeds. Sometimes I toss in a slice of cheese, but that is rare as I am weaning off dairy. (I make home made Greek yogurt for my wife from farm fresh milk)

              My workouts this past 2 week were like this:

              Sunday: Rest

              Monday: Fountain of youth yoga (45min)

              Tuesday: Medicine Ball Cardio (37min in target zone)

              Wednesday: 5mile run with about 5 minutes of heavy sprinting in there (45min)

              Thursday: CoreSynergistics (55min) this is where I was beat to crap in the beginning; wasted.

              Friday: Rest

              Saturday: Yoga X (1.5hrs) and tonight I am running a race 4miler at night.

              Sunday on deck: KempoX

              Since I completed P90X, I thought I would do a few weeks of the cardio stuff and CoreSynergistics and then in August I would go into P90X+

              One thing I noticed is that I have been struggling to get in food so a few times this week I missed a snack time or even a lunch or two. For me not to eat between 9:30am - 4pm I would assume that accounts for IF. I think.

              Since I am running the race tonight, I am off to enjoy some stone fruits and a can of sardines.

              Thanks again!




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                Good luck, Daniel!

                Start weight: 250 - 06/2009
                Current weight: 199
                Goal: 145


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                  If you are hungry eat. If you are thirsty drink. If Grok hit upon a fruit tree grove that is all he would eat. If he found a school of fish then that would be his diet. Don't over think it is my opinion. Listen to your body and trust it.