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Workout while you work??

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  • Workout while you work??

    I am a freelance musician.
    The bulk of my work is me sitting at a computer mostly working on my own.

    I just converted my setup to a Standing Workstation which i love.

    I have Kettlebells, Chinup bar, Dip rack, Jump rope, Punching Bag all laying around the studio.
    I'll grab a set of pushups now and then.
    I'll take a break and walk to the post office/store.
    I shoot a Bow and Arrow every day (mostly 55-65 pound Longbow/Recurve)

    My question:
    Do you see any more or less benefit from sporadic physical activity as opposed to having your 'workout time'?

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    Well it looks like you could be missing a hinge and a doing some swings and goblet squats with the kettlebell might fill those gaps. Some single arm overhead press or turkish getups as well.

    That should get you reasonable strength, but if you really wanna get to the next level there is just no getting around it. You have to put a program in place and track progress. You have to expand out on what you can do in terms of either load, volume, time under tension, or intensity....


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      I think the way you are doing it is actually really natural and should benefit you well.

      I recently got a standing desk. It will take some time to get used to.

      I also moved to a new office that is further away from things on campus and also 3 flights up. So I do a lot of walking. Plus the ladies restroom is on another floor so I do a lot of stair climbing. I think even the longer walk to my parking space has made a little difference.
      Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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        I enjoy taking walks around the office to the bathroom and getting water as needed. I also take a long walk at lunch as well as a few short walks as breaks. Anything more and it impedes upon my muscles resting enough between workouts.

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          I'm on my feet all day and load several cases (wine - about 40-50 lbs usually) into our store. I get plenty of squatting in with lifting boxes and arranging displays. I'll also just drop and push out 10 or so push-ups randomly. Helps me stay upbeat throughout the day, but doesn't tire me for the workout after work.

          Even if you set 35 mins aside every other day you could get a quality work out in at home I think.