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    I think the chest measurement it spits out is including and around the shoulders...

    Also at 6' 1" it's telling me 28" thighs are ideal and I don't think that's the case...I'm pretty much there now (depending where you measure, and granted with a fair amount of body fat) and I think they're too big.


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      Originally posted by Ghshl View Post
      That's what I thought. I guess these ideal measures are beyond me then ;-)

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      Did mine under the arms at nipple height. Yeah, I'm no physique athlete


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        Originally posted by OldSchhool View Post
        I actually found The Grecian Ideal calculator to be a little more realistic and very close to the sizes I am. - Know Your Measurements For Bodybuilding Success
        With just the wrist of 7.25 inches it calculates this for me:

        Chest 47 inches
        Waist 33 inches
        Hip 40 inches
        Bicep 17 inches
        Forearm 14 inches
        Thigh 25 inches
        Calve 16 inches
        Neck 17 inches

        Yes thats quite a bit more attainable. If you take where I am now and the "ideal weight" of 175-180lbs for my height....well that kinda fits! Basically slap 10lbs of muscle on my frame and I could see these being about right.
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          Looks like I am a little outside the perfect proportions - my penis is too big for my frame.