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Critique my Primal workout plan

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  • Critique my Primal workout plan

    Loving primal life at the minute, i've always been mainly been into weight lifting 3x a week, it's good to see primal lifestyle promotes 'the little things' like low level cardio and stuff like sledgehammer training, gives you a real good feel about exercise as a whole. Anyway, wanted to know what people thought of my weekly w/o scheme!

    Monday : Lift Heavy Things (Strength Training 3x5)
    Back Squat, Overhead Press, Deadlift, Chins/pulls (alternating). Minor Shovelglove at end for a small kick

    Nothing. Potential Dog Walk, Maybe Low level cardio on stationary bike.

    Sprints (30:30) In the woods. Possibly try 15 - 30 mins.
    Shovelglove for 14 mins: Various movements. Not sure if I should shug first, THEN sprint. Or leave ample space between both. E.g. Sprint in morn, shug in evening?

    Nothing. Potential Dog Walk, Maybe Low level cardio on stationary bike.

    Lift Heavy Things (Workout B)
    Squats, Bench, Bent over rows, Elevated Pressups 3xfailure. Minor shovelglove after

    Weekend: Rest. Who knows what happens on the weekends, but I never do any set workouts as such.

    After a recent post on here, i decided to drop weights 3x a week in favor of sprints. Im slightly tentative about that, but I can understand the need for rest, especially with them backsquats! Plus it's good to have sprints alongside my weight training. Weights 3x a week ALONG with sprints on off days was killing my recovery.

    Heres to primality!

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    Looking at Friday if you take the resistance training to near or at falure, you don't need the shovelglove. Why workout with fatigued muscle and increase the odds of injury?

    If you don't take the resistance training to near failure... why bother doing them, just do the shovelglove.

    Other than that it looks like a great program.


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      as for wednesday, I think you should sprint and then shug. Sprint to release the fats into the bloodstream and then shug to burn them off.
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