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Primal playground - local jungle gym workout.

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  • Primal playground - local jungle gym workout.

    I was thinking.....Wouldn't a largish extensive jungle gym be a awesome workout?

    The one at the primary school nearby is pretty big.

    You could scale the monkey barks - balance on the chain bridge - climb the firemans pole - crawl through the tunnel - climb down the chain rope and so much more.

    you could use an overhand grip for the monkey bars or an underhand grip. you could use one of the many platforms or benches for plyometric box jumps and do agility courses on the whole playground.

    It's primal "play" but a workout at the same time.

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    There was a set-up like this at my alma mater (U.C. Davis) A jungle gym geared specifically to grownups, right by our dorms. It was so much fun! Although if you stopped by after dark, you'd never know what you'd find when you climbed up to the platform at the top.
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      We (me, wife, son) went the the playground this weekend. I did a 3 mile run around the track then did pullups, dips and pistol squats. Killed multiple birds with one stone... went outside, son had a blast, got workout in, etc.


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        i do this regularly, with or without my 5 year old

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          Yes! I regularly hang from the monkey bars at the playground with my daughter and try to do dips from various pieces of equipment. I love playgrounds!


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            A quick google search will turn up tons of sites with suggested playground workouts.


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              Playground workouts are my favorite!!! Check out this article for a sample workout:
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                This is so awesome. Playground workouts. I have been wanting to do this more often. Now that the weather is about to be simply AMAZING I will be going to a playground asap. I am visiting my brother in Chi-Town this weekend and the weather will be great. I will have to do some urban workouts out on the street
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