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Whats the best body/fitness book out there?

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  • Whats the best body/fitness book out there?


    To be clear - I'm not after a fitness manual. I'm after a book that lets me know about how the body works. An idea of how the system works as a whole - muscles, organs, bone etc

    I know DK do kind of cover all books like this but they are quite reference oriented - and I'm unsure of how they are perceived.

    Anyway - I was just wondering if there was a readily available book that was a good, easy read that explained how our bodies work. Obivously this is all linked to my fitness and health so I want to know more so when I read and hear more about fitness, paleo, nutrition, our internal system - I have more of an idea of what people are on about!

    Thanks in advance
    UK PBer

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    I like the books by Mark Verstegen - Core Performance. He brought me to functional training and made clear how your body parts are connectet.
    Jillian Michaels Master your Metabolism. She might be too omnipresent in the US, but it's a good explenation and it made me change a few things.
    YAYOG by Mark Lauren, like his philosophy of training.
    I do not know one book that covers it all. To get a basis, I'd pick Verstegen. His exercises can be a good foundation! His website is fine as well.
    Hope I could help at least a bit?!


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      Anything by Charles Poliquin is excellent.


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        I like Body by Science for an introduction to high intensity training, dispelling the cardio myth, and general exercise physiology/metabolism and applicable knowledge.


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          Given how I interpret what you are asking. I would recommend getting an A&P coloring book. It will give you the names and locations of the muscles, organs, and bones. Once you have that down. Look up and get the 1000 foot overview of the Krebs cycle. Read the current research about muscle fascia. Once you have done that you should have a better idea what you want to know more of and will be able to self direct yourself.


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            Moore's Clinical Anatomy.
            The Champagne of Beards


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              What about Movement by Gray Cook?


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                Well if we are going that route then any intro A and P book might do the trick.

                I used this one by Netter in our intro anatomy course in school Atlas of Human Anatomy: with Student Consult Access, 5e (Netter Basic Science): Frank H. Netter MD: 9781416059516: Books

                Not a ton on physiology in that text though. But its a start for learning.
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                  I like Mark's Biochemistry for metabolism stuff:
                  Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry (Lieberman, Marks's Basic Medical Biochemistry): Alisa Peet MD, Michael A. Lieberman PhD, Allan Marks MD: 9781608315727: Books


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                    Thanks guys super helpful!

                    I'll go through each one and see what I think suits me best - but thank you for taking the time to recommend stuff
                    UK PBer