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Is it bad or counter-productive to have sore muscles just about every day?

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  • Is it bad or counter-productive to have sore muscles just about every day?

    My tried-and-true fitness routine was getting dull, so a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to shake things up and do HIIT routines. (I've been doing the Zuzka Light ones that are available on You Tube.) So far, I'm loving the way I feel - much more energized, better mood, just an overall improved sense of well-being and accomplishment. My only concern is that because these workouts are SO intense, I'm sore somewhere just about every day. (I take 1 or 2 rest days per week.) Is it bad to have muscle soreness so regularly? It's not that I'm in 'pain,' and I don't have any joint issues - it's all in the muscles. Just curious. Any opinions, advice, and experience is welcome.

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    Hi Pheebie,

    I did the same BUT that was a level I coulnd't stay at - too much. sleeping got worse, cravings came up and my desire to sleep with my boyfriend almost disappeared, got a bad infection. I think I was overtrained and definitely reached my limit. 2xHIIT/ week are enough for me. I do some low cardio, yoga, BW (YAYOG), cardio intervall outside on my bike, circuit training with J.Michaels dvd. I try to focus on one thing in each week having each kind of training at least one time a week. The focus changes, I don't get bored so easily and the body is challenged in different ways. I really have to listen to my body although my mind is telling me something different somatimes - DO MORE SPORTS vs. STOP- HAVE A BREAK.
    Things are already changing and my boyfriend becomes happier again I hope for you that you do not step into that rat race!


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      It is okay if you don't decide to follow an "all or nothing" approach... give up because you are too sore and tired, and go back to not exercising.

      I am not familiar with this workout series. Is it mostly cardio? If so, I would suggest something more strength-oriented and drop the chronic cardio (not primal). I still think you should do 3x a week of intense strength + HIIT and then rest the other days.

      Don't overtrain to the point you start hating to exercise.

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        If it really deserves to be called HIIT you probably shouldn't do it more than twice a week.

        Plain old muscle soreness is unlikely to be a health problem.
        You may be heading for overtrianing or even overuse injuries on the schedule you describe.


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          Gergirl - thanks for sharing your input & experience. I actually have the YAYOG book and just recently found out there's now a DVD.

          turquoisepassion - the workouts that Zuzka does are not chronic cardio. They're from 10 - 18 minutes (most are in the 12-15 minute range) and are mostly body weight-based, with elements of plyo/cardio interspersed, so it's more akin to sprinting in that regard.

          I'm pretty good at listening to my body. When I felt boredom creeping in a few weeks back, that's how I knew it was time to change things. If I start to dread these HIIT workouts, I'll switch to something else. I'm thinking the muscle soreness will diminish to some degree as I become more adapted to the various exercises - I know I'm using muscles in ways that I have not in my prior routines. It's like a full-body wake up call (but in a good way.)


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            I LOVE the DVD-set (3D)- Really good. The one for women I do not like!!