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Knee pain and inflammation for almost 5 months! Help!

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  • Knee pain and inflammation for almost 5 months! Help!

    4 months ago my knee starting experiencing a very sharp pain whenever I would squat or try and go up stairs. The pain felt like it was behind the knee cap. It's been so bad that I've completely stopped doing any exercises with that leg. I'm also going up and down stairs using my left leg. If I try and do too much with it I pay the price the next day. There's also been consistent swelling in and around the knee cap and it's been hot to touch ever since.

    I did physio, didn't help and he referred me to see a orthopedic doctor. Saw the doctor, gave me xrays and mri. Xrays came out fine but the MRI is showing 'Grossly abnormal marrow signal in the patella' which is a possible bone contusion. Basically my kneecap bone is bruised from the inside out. I also have moderate joint effusion with fluid. The kneecap is tracking fine and the ligaments are all in tact.

    Going back 4 months ago I remember hitting my knee in a fence while playing softball. It hurt a bit at the time but I was able to continue playing and the pain only started to get worst maybe 1 week after that incident. So i'm guessing it's somewhat related but why the delay for the pain to come on and why has it been almost 5 months and still no progress?! Wouldn't the inflammation at least settle?

    One month into the pain I started doing hot yoga hoping it might help with the knee. Instead 3 weeks into it I started developing severe heel pain! Mostly on the lateral side of my foot all the way to my pinky toe and now it's shifted in my heel. Then started to experience hip pain, small tender spot above my right buttocks, feels like a bunch of knots, very painful to touch. My upper neck/spine region also hurts now along with occasional burning pain in my scapula.

    The doctor ordered a blood test and my rheumatoid factor came in at 35. Not sure what this means but my rheumatoid factor was also tested last year and it came in within normal range. So now the doctor has me waiting for more upcoming tests. He thinks it could be nothing but has me on the waiting list to see a specialist just in case which has a 7 month waiting period!

    This entire experience has been extremely stressful for me. The waiting time between seeing the specialist and attending the different tests and scans is extremely frustrating. it's been almost 5 months and I'm still waiting to hear my results. I'm starting to develop anxiety and mild depression not knowing what might be wrong with me. Basically i've been focusing on the worst case and slowly becoming a Hypocondriac thinking I might have MS, Lupus, Spondilitis...ect ect.

    Keep in mind that I've been through a lot for the past 3 years. Messy divorce, family issues, developed anxiety, job related stress and came close to a burnout (naturopath helped me get out).

    I'm taking Celebrex which helps me get through the day. I started seeing a naturopath which slowly seems to be helping me. He has me on mega doses of vitamin D3.

    I'm going nuts. Is my knee autoimmune related or trauma related?! just needs more time to heal?! Back in May i was in the best shape of my life.. was doing crossfit 3x a week. Entire body was strong and healthy and all of a sudden I feel like a 80 year old man who can't even get up and down stairs or get out of bed without reaching for NSAIDS.

    I'm only 35.

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    What's your diet like?

    I have bone on bone arthritis in my left knee. Giving up grains and sugar helped me get pain meds and celebrex free. That was almost 4 years ago. I will get flare ups if I more than occasionally dabble in grains/sugar.

    BTW, I have put 7miles on the treadmill today, pain free.


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      Oh my dear!
      I'm neither a doc nor any kind of specialist...I cannot give you medical advices.
      "One month into the pain I started doing hot yoga hoping it might help with the knee. Instead 3 weeks into it I started developing severe heel pain! Mostly on the lateral side of my foot all the way to my pinky toe and now it's shifted in my heel. Then started to experience hip pain, small tender spot above my right buttocks, feels like a bunch of knots, very painful to touch. My upper neck/spine region also hurts now along with occasional burning pain in my scapula." I can imagine what it feels like...suffered almost the same.
      1. Although it is not really recommended here, I made good experiences: Take about 2 teaspoons of flaxseed oil per day. It helps the nerves to heal. I got that advice from a really really good doc. It's helping me.
      2. Try to do trigger point massage with e tennis ball for your hurting back (you can find helpful videos on you tube). I got rid of my shoulder pain and it releases my pain in the hip and right part of the butt).
      3. Be careful doing yoga. Pick the kinds that help you to calm down, not to do any kind of gymnastics.
      All sounds to me that your body needs a break. Less sport, good food and your soul needs pleasing things.
      I know how hard it is to let go and calm down. But your system seems to need it. I tried to leave "have to" behind me. I'm really into doing sports and sometimes I do my training although I feel tired - but I'm getting better in just doing a calm lesson of yoga instead of pushing myself when I feel weak. My doctor adviced me to not train then, the risk of injury is too high.
      Hopefully you can find at least some help in my words. Keep my fingers crossed!
      And do NOT google around for symptomes!!!! Doesn't help!


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        Injuries are rough. It's frustrating, not having control of your body. I suffered depression during an injury in 2009. Car accident, amputated finger, finger reattached but long recovery and much missed out on. The accident wasn't my fault, which made me feel even more out of control of my body.

        Focus on what you CAN improve on.
        I'm not sure what your BMI/BF% is, but any weight loss will only help the function of all your joints. You CAN control your diet. Plus a good diet has an excellent anti-inflammatory.
        Can you still do yoga, or simply stretching? If you have an injury, your likely to compensate and cause dysfunction in other areas. You CAN control this with stretching and corrective exercise.
        You repair many tissues while sleeping. Getting enough sleep is essential to maximize recovery from any stress both physical and mental.


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          i'm 5'11 175lbs. I've always had a good weight and been active throughout my life but I also have a desk job. I've been sitting in a chair since I've been 18.

          I started on the Paleo diet and cut out grains and dairy 2 weeks ago. Mentally I feel much much better so I'm really hoping I can start seeing physical results soon. I don't drink coffee, only green tea. My current daily supplements are D3, Magnesium, Coral Calcium and B100. I also started taking a chinese herbal supplement given to me by an acupuncturist called Du Huo Ji Sheng Wan. I am also drinking lots of water throughout the day.

          I try and stretch most days but sometimes I feel like stretching might be making things worst. It's so hard to know what's right and what's wrong. People tell you to do this, don't do that, different advice from different people it's hard to know what's the right thing anymore. But I also need to STOP googling.

          My sleep seems to be ok. I try and go to bed at 10am each night but I notice that I'll wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble going back to sleep which usually takes me an hr. Waking up in the middle of the night for an hr seems normal to me now.

          I heard anxiety and stress can cause autoimmune sympthoms and I have a feeling that's what i might be currently experiencing.


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            I didn't see resolution in my knee pain, inflammation, swelling for at least 3 months after giving up grains/sugar.


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              On another site I read that D3 should be taken with K2.
              the K2 directs the calcium to bone formation and away from arteries / soft tissue, like joints.
              that site starts with mercola, and ends with .com.
              search k2 or d3,
              I used to have achey knees and shoulders,
              I think quitting the sugars made a difference for me.
              good luck


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                I honestly think that the fact that your body is starting to hurt all over is because you move differently. Consciously or not you are moving in a way that limits the pain in your knee. The result of that is that all your bones are going out of alinment and are used in a way that they are not meant to be. This has influence on all of your joints and muscles. They will start to get irritated and inflamed
                (I'm speaking out of experience here, it happened to me as well with a hip injury. it caused me almost a year to get rid of the pains)

                For your knee I'd advise you to really let it rest for at least a week. as minimum movement what so ever. keep it elevated, if you feel good with it cool it a little bit. but let it rest properly so it can heal a bit.
                After that slowly start moving guided by how the pain feels but make sure you move properly. Upright and steady with pressure on both legs.
                Take it slowly!

                Also you might benefit from visiting a chiropracter. He might help you get all those other pains under control by re-aligning your bones properly again.

                (I'm just describing what worked for me, you might benefit from it)

                Good luck!
                My story, My thought....

                It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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                  Thanks Marielle - I met today with a chiropractor. He checked me out from head to toe and apparently the problem is my feet. I have zero mobility in my left foot and ankle/heel. Top 5 worst cases he's seen were his words. My ankle and heel are basically 'jammed' and stuck. My left foot as well but not as bad as the right. This is causing issues in my gait and preventing my knee to drain properly in a timely fashion and also giving me hip and back pain because of my limp.

                  He's hoping to restore mobility in both of my feet over the next 2 weeks and hopefully this benefit the rest of my body. He seems convinced that it wasn't arthiritis.

                  Hopefully this helps along with eliminating grains/sugars.


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                    Chiropractors can work miracles but you have to remember to take rest. especially after visits with your can be quite painful and draining

                    good luck!
                    My story, My thought....

                    It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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                      Stay away from hot yoga. In fact, stay away from any yoga studio where the teachers are not skilled in anatomy.

                      I fucked up my knees something fierce in July doing hot yoga. I'm *still* in pain when I bend my knees. They always tell you to "go beyond your limits" and "push yourself beyond your comfort zone". And you don't know any better because it's so effing hot in there, so you can't feel anything that hurts currently. Try telling said yoga teacher not to adjust you to go deeper? Yikes.

                      I see an athletic therapist and a physio who works with athletes. They are phenomenal women, and I don't know where I'd be without them.
                      A Post-Primal PrimalPat

                      Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.


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                        i'm convinced hot yoga is what gave me achilles and heel pain, just seems too coincidental 3 weeks in. I do remember the teacher forcing everyone to go beyond their limits by continually telling everyone to 'reach further...ect' My feet would burn during standing poses and I could feel discomfort during downward dog. I think I overdid it, too fast.

                        I still want to do yoga once I'm healthy again but will be looking into Yin which is less dangerous.


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                          I had the same problem for about 6 years. No pain while walking but it woke me up every night with terrible sharp pain. My doctor said it was from my back but I just couldn't accept that. I went to a chiropractor who said my hips were out of alignment and adjusted me about once a month. That seemed to bring some relief but the pain did not go away. My husband finally convinced me to buy one of those $50-ish shoe inserts from the drug store where you stand on a platform and it analyzes you and tells you which insert you need. It was almost instant relief! I put them in my shoes on Friday evening and starting Saturday all the pain went away. I guess my arches weren't what they should have been. No pain for about 2 months now. No waking up at night. I have since tried other otc inserts and go about once a week without inserts and the pain has not come back. I wanted to share this because it may help some of you who don't have a serious orthopedic problem. It is worth trying before resorting to meds or operations!