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Adjusting diet for musle gain

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    My concern is that maybe I'm eating too many fruits and vegetables at the cost of other things and not getting enough calories. According to a sites calculator
    uuuuuhh... swap the grains and dessert for more vegetables bro. Little low on protein too...?? Never trust site calcuators. If I did, I would think I am underweight despite eating as much as I can.


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      Go fishing
      Do this too! Buy a rod! Is there anywhere you can go for a fish?


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        cottage cheese is generally pretty cheap, not to mention extremely convenient to eat or add to meals in any amount based on how hungry you still are. High protein content with slow releasing protein (casein.) Many people hoping to build muscle make sure to have some before bed so that the amino acids are released slowly into the bloodstream throughout the night so they're immediately available to build fresh muscle.
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          Originally posted by mageta View Post
          This is what a typical day looks like:

          Breakfast: Sweet potato and 2 eggs

          Lunch: Big ass salad ( Spinach, radishes, bell pepper, romaine lettuce, bok choy... ) Half a chicken breast or maybe a thin pork chop, sometimes 2, 1/4 cup of bulgur wheat.

          Dinner: Grapes, carrot, can of tuna, almonds, apple, maybe a desert like apple pie slice.

          2 hours before bed: bowl of wheat flakes, some more fruit ( frozen raspberries, banana etc...)
          Are you trying to embarrass the girls? You need to eat a lot more. Here's a sample of what I eat:

          Early before volume day: Protein powder shake
          Breakfast: 3 eggs + 3-6 oz of meat or fish or see lunch below
          Lunch: 2 cups of cubed up meat and a big sweet potato, chocolate
          Dinner: 1/3-3/4lb of meat, veggies, half a large potato, maybe more chocolate.
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            You can eat very cheap with high protein if you are willing to slow cook. My favorite trick for when I'm low on money is to buy some tough pork joint, throw in some vegetables, and boil the living hell out of that thing. Make sure to buy a piece with bone and skin, because those are not only cheaper but will add more nutrients. Once you're finished, remove bone and skin, and you have a soup of veggies, meat so tender you can eat it with a spoon and, best of all, it's all simmering in a broth so rich it turns to jelly when you put it in the fridge. I make that stuff to last me for a week at the time sometimes, just put some of that jelly stuff in a cup and into the micro and you're hey ho.