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Push-up endurance not keeping pace with other exercises?

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    Thanks, all! I tried adding 5 knee pushups to each set in my workout today, and my arms definitely felt a lot more tired than usual. I'll let you know if this results in better endurance on future workouts


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      Originally posted by OldSchhool View Post
      Can I just add that I rarely if ever do push ups any more, however, this week I attempted as many as I could in 2 minutes as it was a challenge on another forum. I completed 73 which goes to show that your push ups can improve just through a basic strength routine.
      To a point, yes, but in ranges beyond 50 or so, they definitely become an endurance exercise that are really effectively trained like Knifegill does- lots of sets of low reps, never to failure. The Army Physical Fitness Test allows two minutes for as many pushups as possible, and most people are pretty spent after about 45-60 seconds. The guys who do well are still strong until about 90 seconds in. It's really rare for someone to push for two minutes straight without pause.

      The situp test is similar, but not quite that bad. The Army really does a disservice to itself by emphasizing endurance over strength in pretty much everything. They could greatly improve their results with a strength-training program for a base, then some endurance work for the test. The other major deficiency is a lack of pulling exercises and back strength work.