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Rowing Revives in the Gym

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  • Rowing Revives in the Gym

    I have found the rower to be one of the best, if not THE best, machines out there is my 'shape up' journey.

    Thought I would pass this article along as someone with bad knees and two hips replaced. I can do squats if I choose, but really prefer to row.


    At the fast-growing Greenville Indoor Rowing in Greenville, S.C., run by Lowell Caylor, 72, a former Cleveland Browns defensive back, a membership of mostly women older than 45 has embraced rowing. They have logged 137 million meters (that’s around the globe about 3.5 times), topping the rankings among health clubs for the rowing-machine maker Concept 2 for the fourth year in a row, Mr. Caylor said. “All these people come in who don’t think they have an athletic, competitive bone in their body really do,” said Mr. Caylor, who makes mimosas for each million-meter milestone.

    His “crew,” as he calls his clients, includes former runners who’ve destroyed ankles and knees and like that rowing is hard-core but non-weight-bearing. Because it uses nearly every muscle group, rowing at 5 miles an hour offers the same calorie burn as running at 6.7 m.p.h., said Michele Olson, 52, an Auburn University professor of exercise science. Yes, she said, it burns more calories than spinning.

    Some of us were never built to run anyway. A podiatrist whom I saw one time took one look at my feet and asked me if I ran. when I responded "no", he said "good, because with those feet you never should".

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    An old gym I used to be a member at, had a few of those concept 2 rower things... One day I decided to try it, and you know what? I really freaking loved it. I've not been in a gym with one since so I'm missing out big time, but I'd love to have one at home... My friend is an indoor rowing nut and he's (or was) 9th place in the world rankings for the 500m sprint... 1:31.2

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      I hated the rower (as I do all cardio machines), until I took a rowing class at my gym that a persistent friend insisted I try. My absolute favorite class and great workout that leaves me feeling strong!!


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        I like doing HIIT on C2 rowers. Seems like a good way to do some conditioning.


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          I freaking love the rower. Unless I'm doing sprint intervals. Then I hate it so much. But still kinda love it.


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            As a competitive rower we use concept 2 machines daily to supplement training if the water isn't good.
            I have a love hate relationship with them. They are a great conditioning tool though. Be sure to use proper form!


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              In my past life when I used a gym I went to spin classes, but as I was cycling harder and faster in real life never they really cut it. But the rowing class was in a league of its own. It was fantastic in a class environment and something that I miss.


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                I despise the rower. But can't argue the results. My gym has 5. I do kinda like rowing with the fish game.