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    Or play catch with the kid. My uncles used to toss me across rooms.

    And like mr. Anthony said just throw them in the air. They love it, you get exercise and it builds trust. If I tell my kids jump ill catch you, they jump.
    I find your lack of bacon disturbing.


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      To rock climb in doors, most gyms require the kid is over 4. DS is psyched to now get to climb (well, for the last year, really).

      We also just go to the play ground. You'll be surprised how much fun you can get up to at a regular old play ground.

      We hike a lot -- you don't get as far with a little, but with a wrap or back pack, you can have the little one toddle a bit and then put her in the carrier when you are done. It's a good way to see the world, really.