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sleeping feet while working out?

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  • sleeping feet while working out?

    Some help needed.

    When ever I do the elliptical or rowing machine after a few minutes my toes start to numb and tingling. it's the same feeling you get when laying on your arm too long. after 15 minutes it reaches all the way up to my ankle.
    It doesn't influence my coordination or use of my feet but it hurts a bit and feels not normal

    At first I thought it was related to my shoes. i have always used tight tennis shoes but today I went barefooted and the feeling was still there.

    anyone any ideas of what it could be?
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    That happens to me on the elliptical if I wear tight shoes, but it doesn't happen if the shoes are 1/2 size bigger than normal. I'm not sure why you're experiencing this barefoot though.

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      Stretch your hips, glutes and periformis prior to using the rowing machine. Your muscles are cold and tight so they're cutting off circulation. And just plain old stay away from the elliptical. They cause more hip, SI and sciatic issues than they're worth.


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        Sorry, I'm no help, but my toes and eventually the front half of my feet too get numb every time I get on the elliptical. I no longer use it.


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          I get this with my new runners, though its just my toes... sometimes after running for about 30min the feeling returns but its very dd.
          Strangely, I dont notice this happening when Im on the treadmill?!


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            My n=1.
            If I leave my feet flat while using the elliptical my feet fall asleep. When I treat it like cross country skiing and lift my heels and bend my knees and push with the balls of my feet (like a slight jog), my feet do not fall asleep.
            The elliptical takes much more effort for proper form than I like. I prefer walking, I can go at a wider range of comfortable paces.


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              the front half of my feet too get numb every time I get on the elliptical. I no longer use it.