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Best Remedy for Impacted Teeth as per the Dentist in India

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  • Best Remedy for Impacted Teeth as per the Dentist in India

    Wisdom teeth or the third molars will be developed in all humans between the age of 17 and 24. In most of the cases the eruption of these teeth will be associated with severe pain and other problems. But there is a more serious situation. It arises when the jaw is small and there is not enough space for the teeth to erupt. In such cases they may not come out properly and will be stuck inside the jawbone. This condition is called impaction. It may result in severe pain in ears, head and teeth. According to Best Dentist in India impaction can be treated by the removal of wisdom teeth. Unlike other teeth, the loss of wisdom teeth will not create any harm to the dental structure or eating habits as they have minimal role in chewing. So there is no need for restoring them.
    According to the best dentist in India impaction will cause quite a lot of problems. They can create infection of the gum area that covers the tooth. Decay and infection due to this decay which the dentist cannot repair is also caused due to impaction. As the time passes by the adjacent tooth will be affected by the teeth and will cause decay to it. Cystic formation or the occurrence of a fluid filled sac around the impacted teeth is also a common problem. Of any of these conditions happen, the process of surgical removal of impacted teeth will become still more difficult. This makes most of the dentists remove them when they notice the first signs of problems.