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Are 15minute blasters any good after a LHT workout?

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  • Are 15minute blasters any good after a LHT workout?

    Hi all,
    I am currently doing my LHT workouts 3 times per week. I'm a neewbie to the Primal Movement and have been following LHT (pressups, pull-ups, squats and plank) for about 6months. Just starting to see some real progress!! Now up to 30+10+10 full pressups (sometimes 40+10!), 15 inverted body rows, 50 full squats with 9kg dumbells, and full planks 90secs/45secs/45secs. I am travelling a bit for the next month or two, after this I will look at increasing with some more free wts.

    My routine takes 4mins warm-up and 25mins strength workout.

    I really like body weight exercises/training and I want to increase my general fitness so I have just started adding on a 15min HIIT cardio workout at the end of my strength workout as follows:

    Burpees 20secs + 10secs rest
    Dumbell Shoulder press 20secs + 10secs rest
    Mountain climbers 20secs + 10secs rest
    Kettlebell swing 20secs + 10secs rest
    Rest for 1+min

    Do whole thing again x5 rounds, total about 15mins.
    After each round my heart rate gets right up to 90%, and I rest until it gets to the beginning of zone2 before I start the next round (1+min)
    After a few weeks of this I am really feeling a huge improvement.

    My question: What does everybody else think of these 15minute HIIT cardio workouts?
    Should I continue 3x per week? Is this too much?
    Or would I be better doing an hour-long session circuit session once per week that incorporates these 4 exercises (burpees, etc) plus others to make up to something like 8-10?
    Or both?

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    What are wanting to achieve, just general fitness with no increased muscle etc ?


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      Originally posted by OldSchhool View Post
      What are wanting to achieve, just general fitness with no increased muscle etc ?
      Most people who do this stuff just want to feel sweaty and wiped out. If that's your goal, this is one sure way to achieve it...
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        I read something interesting recently about how it's actually best if you do the absolute minimum necessary to elicit the response you are looking for. You have to figure out what it is you are hoping to achieve and then only do the absolute minimum necessary to achieve it. More is not better.

        When Should You Do Conditioning? | thefitcoach
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          If the program works run it 'til it don't!


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            Originally posted by RichMahogany View Post
            Most people who do this stuff just want to feel sweaty and wiped out. If that's your goal, this is one sure way to achieve it...
            @OldSchool, @RichMahogany, @sbhikes: Thanks guys, you really made me think about my goals and what I am doing. Myself & wife own 3 scuba-diving resorts and I spent alot of my time behind the desk, and just like any executive I became sedentary and overweight. I turned 50 last Nov and with 2 small kids decided to turn things around and spend less time behind the desk, and came across Marks Daily Apple which really appealed to me.

            My original goal was to lose weight and get fitter. I started in Jan, since then I have lost 16kg (from 86kg to 70kg) and can now swim & walk better than I have been able to do in a long long time. I also have a bad knee (2ops on a ACL in my left knee) and have noticed that now I have no problems going up and down stairs, and I attribute this to my big weight loss as well as leg muscle toning/building.

            To reach this original goal, I followed the Primal Blueprint: eat part-Paleo (I still like some stuff!) & every week do: 1) 3 x strength, 2) 2-3 cardio/fun stuff, 3) 1 x Intervals (when possible). I also do Intermittent Fasting 5:2 which is fantastic, and would highly recommend to all.

            I still like drinking beer/wine with friends and having a blowout day with kids & pizza & banana muffins, but this is not increasing my weight so life still goes on!

            Now my goals are changing. I want to stay healthy, improve my fitness and increase my muscle toning. I am not interested in body building but would love to look like the guys in the film 300, but thats a dream rather than a goal! With my age I also have to be careful not to overtrain.

            I loved the article from @sbhikes, especially

            My stock recommendation for those who have to get in and out of the gym in an hour and canít train more than 3-4x a week is as follows: Spend 45 minutes doing progressively heavier barbell training and 15 minutes doing HIIT everytime. Period.
            I think that I will stick with the PB as it's gotten me this far, but maybe I just need to adapt my routines to increase strength progressively and, depending on what I can do that week, mix it up with cardio stuff/intervals on the off days and HIIT after the strength stuff.

            If I decide to climb a mountain or run an urbanathlon then that becomes a new goal with new training needs, maybe next year?

            Thanks for the feedback. Sorry if I bored you with all this but recapping my journey has actually helped sort out my goals and an on-going training plan for the future.


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              There is no such thing as "muscle toning". It's just minimal body fat on top of well-developed muscle. So you'll want to look at ways to blast fat while building or keeping muscle. I recommend (as most PB'ers would, I think) heavy lifting and sprinting regularly while eating warrior-style or other forms of IF for just that!
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                Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
                There is no such thing as "muscle toning"
                There is technically such a thing, it just isn't what most people mean when they say it. Strong muscles are actually physically harder (more "toned") than weak muscles. But they're still invisible under layers of fat, and spot reduction in fat is a unicorn. It would be better if just about everyone dropped this term from there vocabulary.
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                    That implies that all goals will have something to do with fat-reduction.
                    I'll change mine to "improve fitness and reduce body fat". I actually have an inch or two of stubborn belly fat that I would love to get rid of!
                    That begs the question on how best to blast fat, which is where HIIT comes in. I can't sprint due to my bad knee, I am trying to build up my running ability by doing a bit every week, but this will take time. In meantime, intervals and especially HIIT will have to do.


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                      Yes, that sounds like a smart, gradual and safe approach. Best of luck!
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