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Tips on building mowercycle?

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  • Tips on building mowercycle?

    Anybody else make one yet, and do you think it will be better to just tow it behind the the bike? It sure looks more do-able both to build and to ride with the blades dragged behind instead of plowing out in the front inefficiently. Thoughts?
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    In my minimal experience with a push mower, I think it takes a lot of effort to push, so much effort that I don't see how a bicycle could be used at all. But I always let the grass get way too tall so that's what my experience has been.
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      I think you should build a murdercycle.

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        I guess you can tow it behind. Never tried it before, you just got me thinking. :/
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          Have you mown your lawn with a push reel mower?

          Is this meant as a cool toy(do it) or as a semi-practical way to mow your lawn(don't bother) ?

          To your specific question I think you would want pressure down and forward into the mower.
          Mine tends to skid on even moist lush grass using it normally.
          To pull it I think youd need a whole different heavier frame like the gang mowers used on golf courses.