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How do I make military physical training fit with a PB fitness plan?

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  • How do I make military physical training fit with a PB fitness plan?

    I just made the switch to primal blueprint nutrition two days ago, but I'm trying to shift myself into the all-inclusive lifestyle. I've already run into some issues with my daily PT routine clashing with primal ideals. Here's a sample workout that is pretty consistent during the week for me:

    Monday: Ability group run (3+ miles fast pace)
    Tuesday: Muscle Failure (plyometrics, weights, crossfit-style workout)
    Wednesday: Release run (5+ miles my own pace)
    Thursday: Sports
    Friday: Company run (5+ miles slow pace)

    Tuesdays and Thursdays are pretty consistent with what I've seen from most PB fitness plans, but should I be doing something different outside of this PT? I feel like the long runs have reached a plateau, and aren't helping my speed or power. I don't really have a choice of what I get to do every morning, but any suggestions on extra training or changes that I can try to make would be great.

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    Unless you are in control of the PT program, there's not a lot you can do. At best I would suggest talking to command about spreading the responsibility for leading PT around (to give up in coming NCOs and high speed soldiers the experience, yeah that sounds good). Spend some time in the gym on your own and get a good low level cardio in on the weekends. Lead by example really.

    Try to find the paleo/primal crowd. They're out there, and can be great support with all of the bad advice and CW you are going to encounter. Army is hard into CW and destroys the body. Just don't stress out too much, it's kind of unavoidable, and always prioritize doing good things for your body, treat injuries quickly, don't let some idiot yelling make you feel the need to over exert one days you may need to take it easy, and try to get good sleep. And stretch carefully, we'll, and often, and make sure you hit stability workouts especially your back. Army always forgets about the back and then wonders why we have so many injured slouching soldiers.

    Best of luck to you, and welcome to the family. Both of them. I'm army, and definitely learning too, so feel free to keep in touch. Always good to have someone you can rant to that understands.


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      Speaking if finding communities, we military should definitely get our own thread here.


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        Yeah, there's a huge stress put on the APFT and cardio! I'm just hesitant to work out too much after work, just because I don't want to be completely draining myself every day.

        My company is pretty lax, the commander is very much a proponent of not pushing too hard during PT, so that's good.

        I've seen a few posts here about nutrition while in the field, so I'm pretty sure there are other servicemembers lurking around. Getting a military community together is a great idea.


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          Hold them to the standards! FM 7-22 Chapter 5 has programs that don't suck as bad as what you are currently doing.

          Ask to try something different. Come up with a plan for three months and ask if you can execute. If you don't improve, you don't continue on your own.

          The following are interesting:

          I think this one is my favorite:
          Starting Strength: Article